One: Attack

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Morgana could see their laughing faces behind the window and through the rain from where she sat in the backyard.

She could feel the mud forming under her hands and her knees. Her toes were digging into the earth and sinking a little bit deeper into the short cut grass. The smell of her own filth once filled her nostrils, but the rain was washing it away. Morgana hadn't bathed in days. She hadn't been allowed inside the house with her sisters and brothers for weeks. She had no clothes. She knew she had long black hair and olive skin, but Morgana wasn't quite sure what the rest of her looked like anymore. She'd prayed for rain and was so happy to have it, she cried.

Morgana felt the beast inside. That was what she called it in her head. It was scratching at her skin and making her tremble. The beast could feel a loose leather dog collar fastened around her neck and it didn't like that. The rain was freezing, but the beast was burning up inside her body. It wanted to be in the rain, too. It wanted to be set free.

Two children and three teenagers with pale faces gawked at her through the window. One pointed and the others laughed. A man passed behind them. Morgana gasped and closed her eyes. She didn't know how to give the beast permission to attack.

Morgana whispered to herself, "Come on... come on, attack him..."

The back door opened and light poured over Morgana. A shadow leaned into the wet darkness.

"Alright, girl," the man's voice called.

She was terrified. The beast was not.

"You not gonna sit out in this here rain all night. You go on under that tree where we don't have to see you."

Morgana lowered her head. A rumble formed in her throat. "Change," she murmured. "Change, please."

"Girl, I know you can hear me."

Morgana opened her mouth, raised her head and roared. A clear, loud roar filled the air and shook the window panes.

She sounded just like a fully grown tiger. Everyone scrambled away from the window. Morgana charged for the open door, but before she could reach it, the man slammed it shut. Morgana ran around to the windows and looked inside. All five of her tormenters were cowering near their mother. The man was trying to console them. They pointed at her with terror in their eyes. Morgana growled. The man turned, scowled at her and shut off the lights. He yanked the curtains together.

Morgana stood there while her pulse slowed down. She caught her reflection in the glass.

She was a tiger again. A one-year old tiger with wet fur and huge teeth and a collar around her neck. Morgana paced the backyard in the rain for what felt like hours. When the rain finally stopped, she padded into a little wooden shack in the backyard. It was a doghouse before she came here. Now it was her new home.

But it wasn’t going to be her home for much longer. Not if Morgana had her way.

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