Michael P.O.V (next day)

this morning I woke up and decided I would cook me and Brandi some breakfast. So I put on some clothes and drove over to her mom and father house. I was so amazed because there house was better than mines. Maybe I need to get a bigger one so there could be a bathroom in the baby room. I knocked on the door and saw her mom. I asked her could I cook them breakfast this morning and she said yes. So I went in the kitchen and cooked some chocolate chip pancakes, turkey bacon, sausages, bagels, toast, biscuits, and a bowl of fruit with mangos, peaches, grapes, strawberries, and bananas. I hope she like it because I'm never cooking this much again. I made her food and put it on a tray. And took it to her room. But when I got to her room she was in the bathroom singing Beyonce 1+1. She sounded good. So I just yelled to her said hurry and come out. 

 10 minutes later she comes out the bathroom in a sports bra and some black sweatpants. I liked how I could see her stomach. Just 4 more months and my baby girl will be here. I have already been thinking of names for her. "Thanks for the food Michael. And it taste good by the way." No problem I just wanted to show you how much I care for u and Adriana. "Adriana? Michael who is Adriana!" I was thinking that we should name the baby Adriana. "Well I like that name to but I was hoping that you liked the name Makayla." I do like that name Brandi. Now all we have to do is decided on a middle name.

Okay we can decide on that later. And I might just change her whole name when she is born." Okay but as long as I like it we are cool. So today I had a special day planned out today for me and Brandi. After she finishes her breakfast I will be taking her to the mall, the hair and nail salon, beach, lunch at red lobster, then I will take her back home so she can get ready for what I have planned tonight. Tonight I have planned on taking her to the beach and have a nice romantic dinner. And maybe she will take me back. I hope so because I have changed a lot since she broke up with me.

Brandi P.O.V

Michael what are you thinking about??? “Oh nothing really just my grades”. Okay whatever I know when you’re lying so just tell me what’s on your mind. “Nothing Brandi don’t worry about it.” Okay Michael whatever. “Listen to me Brandi don’t be mad it’s just that I got a lot on my mind. I will tell you all about it later baby girl.” Okay Michael so tell me this. Why are you here? “Well I want you to get dressed so we can go somewhere.”

Okay give me 10 minutes and I will be ready.  Ummm…. Michael are you going to get out so I can change? “Why should I I have seen you naked before. I don’t know why you are afraid to change in front of me. Baby girl I’m the reason why you pregnant.” I just don’t like that I look fat. I mean I’m enormous I look like an elephant. “No you don’t baby you look beautiful. You’re not fat that’s my baby growing inside of you. Now go and change so we can go because we have a long day ahead of us.

Okay so I went into my closet and put on grey and white sundress with some white sandals. Then I went into the bathroom and put some grey eye shadow and some mascara with some MAC lip gloss.  When I was done and went back downstairs I saw that Michael had done cleaned up the kitchen. “Are you ready to go now Brandi”? Yes Michael I’m ready but give me one minute I need to check on my mom. “Okay I will be waiting for you outside by the car.” I went up to my mom’s room and saw her laying down watching movies eating junk food., She had all my favorites skittles,twix.herseys,starburst,milkyways,snickers,m&m’s,and then some cookies and cream ice cream. It’s like I died and went to heaven.

 “Hey baby girl do you want some?” No thank you mama Michael cooked me a big breakfast. But yeah I was just coming to check on you. But I and Michael are going to leave now. I probably won’t be back until later on tonight. “Brandi your 18 your don’t have to tell me when your leaving the house. Now go have fun and tell me all about it later.” Okay see you later mom. When I went back downstairs and outside and saw Michael rapping “I heard” by Gucci Mane. What am I going to do with this boy?

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