My sister gone

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Hey guys before I start, i just want to say that I had a few people help me with this chapter:

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{Lilly's pov}.

Lilly waited impatiently, waiting for Seto to come out the training room.
She was still is shocked by Setos behaviour.
Finally he came out busted and bruised ,but he had successfully tied up Tiffany.
Lilly was scared at how she was acting.
Tiffany bit at seto and the air, her teeth so sharp, they seemed to rip holes in the air itself, and her eyes were the color of freash blood. 
Seto was clearly in pain, but he managed to drag her in the room while I followed him.
Once inside,he carefully layed her down on the floor and turned to me.
Tiffany calmed down enough so that her eyes were her normal color as well as her teeth. 

"Seto you have alot of talking to do so talk"
I said making sure my voice didn't squeak. Seto looked at me with concern before shaking his head. 

"Lilly before I tell you anything, I want you to look in the mirror and tell me what you see" he said handing me a Small compact mirror.
Snatching it out his hand I took a quick look in the mirror. What I saw made my head swirl. Staring back at me was a girl, but not a normal girl.
She had glowing yellow eyes, so bright they caused a glare. I gasped and threw down the mirror, breaking it into a million pieces.
I shakily held my hands up to my eyes, only to feel them burn from the extreme heat. 

"Seto w- what wrong with us?" I whispered looking at him. Seto said nothing as he stared at the ground.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!!!??? MY SISTER??? TELL ME !!" I screamed furry erupted my body. I saw seto flinch a little before lifting his head. I saw he was crying softly. I sighed softly as i slowly hugged him.

"I'm sorry for yelling ,something just overtook me"
I said patting his back. He smiled and stood up.

"well I guess i should just tell you and get it over with"
He sighed standing up.
With a pause he cleared his throat and smoothed his hair.

"Lilly you are part butter child such as sky/Adam and Tiffany you are part ender such As..,." Here he paused and shuffled his feet. I already knew what he was going to say.

"Deadlox" me and my sister both said.


sorry this is so short, but im packing because im going to Disneyland WHHHHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! peace out.

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