Chapter Five: The Apartment

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When we walk in, I gasp. I know Plutarch wanted us to have a nice place, but I did to think this nice. I set down the bags I was carrying, and so does Peeta. His mouth hanging open like mine.
"How much is this costing him?" He asks.
"I have no idea." Plutarch may as well have just bought us a house. The room we just stepped into, the living room, had a tv hanging on the wall, a leather couch, chair, and love seat. There is a desk full of what seems to be movies and a chandelier hangs above it all. They flooring is real wood, I think mahogany. I see we also have a wii with a few games, and there is two packages on the couch. I pull Peeta over to then and I see a note:
Dear Katniss and Peeta,
I hope everything is to your liking. Your mother and I decided we wanted you both to be entertained for a while. In each room there is a note like this one explaining why we got you all of these things so you don't have to call and complain about how much it's costing. Knowing you Katniss and how stubborn you are, you will most likely do it anyways. But please try to enjoy it. Now go find the other notes.
Love, mom and Plutarch.
"Well, that's generous." Peeta says.
"A little to generous. Come in, let's open these." I hand him the first package and I take the second. I look in and see it's an iPad. Peeta holds one in his hand too.
"I don't feel right about this." He says.
"I don't either. But he won't let us give then back." I say opening the box, looking at the iPad. I remember coming gone a few tears ago for Thanksgiving and playing on my moms.
"Let's go find the other notes." Peeta says. We walk into the next room, the kitchen. It's so big. It has an island in the middle, 6 chairs around it, and granted counter tops. Opening the cupboards I see lots of food. Then I see the note of the fridge. I just read it out loud to Peeta.
"Katniss and Peeta,
We know how talented Peeta is with cooking, so we hope he can do something with all these different foods. Katniss you probably think this is becoming ridiculous, so we decided to go to goodwill and get the food there. Bon appetite!
Mom and Plutarch" I say.
"I can make stuff with this. Hope you are Hubert because it looks like tonight we will be having..." He looks through a few cupboards. "Spaghetti." I nod.
"Would you like to start dinner kow? The only thing left is the bedroom anyways. I can check that." I suggest.
"Sure, go ahead. Come back when you're done." He is already taking out pans and boiling water and gathering ingredients.
"You are just itching to get your hands on the cookery." I roll my eyes.
"You can't blame me, this is what I grew up doing." He smiles.
"Yeah yeah, I will be back in a minute." I leave the kitchen, going down a little hallway. I pass the bathroom, and it's pretty big. Thank goodness because I need a lot of space. There is no note on that door though, so I keep walking. At the end of the hallway, I open the door. There is a king sized bed, a smaller flat screen tv, a walk in closet, and a balcony. The note for this room is on the bed.
This is just mom this time. You know I love you and I trust you, but until you and Peeta are actually married I would like him to sleep in the spare bedroom. I know you have nightmares an if he wants to calm you down that's fine, but please don't sleep together. To much temptation. I hope you listen to me. Love you, mom.
I sigh. My mom as Plutarch just got us a nice apartment and a lot of things that would have costed us a lot of money. But they got it for us because they love us. So if my mom wants me to sleep in separate bedrooms, I guess I will just have to deal with it. I mean, I've only slept with Peeta a handful of times, my favorite being in the little house by the lake, so I shouldn't have troubles dealing by myself for awhile longer. We will be married soon anyways.
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