The Smallest Luna -KayMichW1017 ✓

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Avalon Carter, a fourteen year old girl starting high school, has a typical life. She lives in the cliche small town of Berke in the middle of nowhere. She thinks that her life is going to be as normal as everyone else's. But that was before she met him. Dylan Retrac, your typical player, but he has a secret. He is a werewolf, but not your average werewolf. Dylan is an Alpha. He was living the life with his best friend, Xander, by his side. His life was going nowhere. Until she crashed into his life. Literally. When Dylan meets Avalon, there is an instant spark. A spark that he quickly denied. But fate pushes them to be together, and that's when trouble starts. A psychotic rogue father, hunters, and a possessive mother that disapproves of her daughter's boyfriend. How will Dylan keep Avalon safe? How will he protect his small Luna?

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