Chapter 16: A Black Sunset

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Chapter 16: A Black Sunset

Simon felt is body being lifted. He saw the colors shift, first to familiarity, then to comfort. “Mom,” he mumbled, feeling his head resting against her shoulder, though he was pretty sure his voice was unrecognizable. It was okay though. He was okay. More or less anyway.

He could barely open his eyes, and felt incredibly dizzy those few seconds he tried to see what was going on. But that would get better later. He thought of the battle, the memories still blurry, but he knew there was definitely a battle. He remembered that dragon, a big white fire breathing one, and then how Heather ended up throwing his bike and breaking it. He really could have done without that. He remembered that Nightwing, going after him, and then everything going black.

Simon remembered something else as he tried shifting, getting more comfortable as he felt himself being moved.

“You’re awake?” he heard and he gently nodded in response. He wasn’t quite sure if he was actually awake or not, it was as if he was floating between the two. He knew where he was, somewhat at least, but he wasn’t all there, his thoughts were a jumbled mess and he wasn’t quite sure which way was up.

He felt himself laid down on his bed, the black room comforting him, and he fully opened his eyes, and leaned up just a bit. He saw his mom exiting the room, and then truly felt the pain of the battle. He looked down, seeing his shirt torn and the darkness covering his stomach. It wasn’t blood, but he wasn’t sure of what it was. He carefully touched it, wondering if it would hurt. But it didn’t; it felt weird, like it was harder or something, and had a magic type feel to it.

He felt strange, but decided not to pay it too much mind. After all the magic and things he’d been seeing lately, worrying about it too much wouldn’t make much sense. It was still too surreal, how so many things had changed so fast. He wondered when it would stop, if things would ever go back to normal.

Simon saw his mom come back into the room, carrying Jason this time. “What happened to him?” he asked, his voice still soft, hoarse, but he had to know.

“You didn’t see?” she asked, to which he responded with a shake of his head. He had been so consumed with the Nightwing that he and Heather had been trying to fight, that he didn’t have time to focus on Jason’s fight. He only worried about his own safety when the Nightwings were after him.

“They used some kind of magic on him, which separated his soul and body.”

“Will he be okay?” Simon tried to get up out his bed; he needed to walk over and see his brother, see that he didn’t look that bad, and that things would be okay. But he couldn’t, as his feet hit the floor, Simon realized how out of it he truly was; he fell back to his bed, the spinning sensation still there, strong as ever. He felt sick, but his stomach seemed empty. He closed his eyes, trying to block out the strange sensations, wishing they’d just go away.

Though as he did so, he felt like sleep was taking him, like he was entering a slumber, a deep one, but he shook himself out of it. He wasn’t ready for sleep, he was afraid of what the night might bring. Through a slit in his eyelids he still saw the light of day, true, the sun was going down, but it wasn’t time for night yet.

He shook again, a mix of trying to keep himself awake and also from the sudden chill that seemed to overwhelm him. Why was he so cold? It was like he was dropped in a freezer, or a frozen lake; it was as if freezing water poured through his veins, ice cold, stealing all his warmth. He struggled through the darkened vision, needing warmth, needing some kind of heat. Though it kept eluding him. He tried to pull his body closer together, so his own heat would warm him, but as he touched his legs, he felt how frozen they were, it was as if he was touching pure ice.

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