The Day My Life was Turned Around

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"Bobbi, your gonna be late to your singing class if you don't hurry up!" My mother yelled as we were about to go to my singing lessons at 10:30 in the moning. Knowing me I was still just laying there in bed not wanting to get up. I have been doing these lessons since 8th grade and this year I was going to become a senior at Hollywood Performing Arts High. I love singing its my passion and not to brag I'm pretty good at it as well. 

"Bobbi Hollins get up right now, young lady, and get ready we have to leave in 10 min!" She said while standing in my door way giveing me the evil eye.

"I'm getting up mom." I mumbled while sitting up and pushing my covers off. My mom left to go make me walfels while I put on a pair of jean shorts with a few rips in them, with a crop top that had a picture of the boy band One Direction on the front of it. Yes I know I'm almost 18 and am in love with these boys but hey they are just so smexy. I brushed my long, straight, dirty blond hair that went down to the middle of my back, washed my face and brushed my teeth. Pulling out my makeup, I just put a little bit of eye liner on to make my blue, green eyes to pop out a little more. 

"Breakfest is ready you will have to eat in the car or else we will be late." My mom told me as I walked downstairs and put my hightops on. She was wearing a pair of ripped light blue jeans and a tight blue T-Shirt. She was wearing her hair dark brown curly hair down. Her curls bouncing every time she took a step.

"Okay thats fine. We are still haveing them at the recording studio that he works at right?" I asked her as I took the plate from her hands and grabbed my iphone slidding it into my back pocket. 

"Yeah, but Chris told me that their might be somone new coming in to record something as well, is that okay with you?" She asked me and I just nodded to her wondering who it was that was coming in. It might be a new person or something. But I didn't care it just means I would be able to rest my voice a little more before my gig tomorrow night at a school thats raising money for the less fortunate.

"Okay, crap were gonna be late if we don't leave now." She said while glancing down at her phone. 

"Wait where is Lu Lu?" I asked my mother. Lu Lu was my 2 year old little sister. She had bleech blond hair, and bright light blue eyes. She was the most amazing sister every so sweet and nice. Hey realy name is Lucy but we always call her Lu Lu for short.

"Hahaha" She chuckled. "I took her over to her sitter, Amy's at nine. When you were supposed to be up but decided to sleep." She told me while we were climbing into the car.

Once my mom started the car I turned on the radio to break the sillence between us. I was supper excited next week my mother, sister, and me are all going to London. Also getting first class plane tickets with One Direction concert tickets. Ther concert tickets weren't very good though they were balcony ticket way in the far back, because all of the other ones were be sold out. Ugh we have been sitting at this red light for almost five minutes, traffic here on a Thursday in Hollywood was the worst thing ever. I mean I loved it here but I also missed my friends back home in Ohio, I moved here I think at the ending of Seventh grade. It was all because of this really big promotion that my mom got. I mean of course I was happy for her and really excited to move here but things would be so different, like haveing to make new friends and leaveing my best friends. It was pretty scary but now I absolutely love it here in California.

"Okay were here. Here is the $100.00 for your lesson okay, I will be back at 12:30 okay?" My mother asked and told me while I was getting out of the car. The lessons today were expensive becaus they were 2 hours. Which is a really long time but it was just because I have that gig tomorrow night and there was going to be someone inturuppting my class so I was kinda glad for the extra hour.

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