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Chapter 8
Gracie's POV
It's been 2 days since the winter storm. 2 days since me And Harry both said I love you to each other. Todays our first day back at school in the past two days. I had just gotten out of the shower and dried my hair with the hair dryer. I curled the bottom of my hair into little lose curls. Put on skinny jeans with my black plaid combat flip over boots and Harry's red plaid shirt with a white tank top. I put on mascara and eyeliner with a little foundation. I grabbed my backpack car keys and walked downstairs. I grabbed an apple and went to the local Starbucks. I went up and ordered.
"What may I help you with beautiful?" A deep voice said.
I looked up and saw a VERY attractive boy.
"Um a pumpkin spice latte and my names not beautiful it's Anna Grace." I said the last part with a lot of sass. !I was going to get my Purse out to get the money. "it's on the house babe. and my names Nash Grier." "why thank you!" he is so sweet. He had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my life. "Maybe we can meet up later?" "um sure but Aren't you that dude in my gym class?" "um yea I think so." "okay then sure give meh your phone. And why are you working now. dont you have school?" "um i got first block as a free so I work here." he have me his iPhone 5 and I typed in my number and set my name as "Gracie :)" "there "I said with a smile on my face. With that I walked out and got back in my car. I turned the radio on and the song Lolly by JB came on. seconds later I pulled up to the school parking lot . I got out walked up to the front doors to see Harry. Waiting for me. I walked up to him and he had a girl under his arm. wonder who she is I thought to myself. She's gorgeous! she had dark red hair with light pale skin. she had long eyelashes. wait a minute! Is that Macey?!? I thought we were friends.and she's here with my boyfriend? wow think you know a person after 12 years. dang! "hey Harry" I said. he looks.......surprised? Wow thought he would be happy. They jumped away really quick. "Um hi babe." "hi Mac." "What's going on?"
I noticed mac was on the verge of tears. they almost seemed fake. "n-nothing babe w-why would you think something's going on?" okay something's going on. "I was comforting her because she gained 3lbs over the last week." Harry said.okay I trust you I mean its not like my best friend thats pretty much my sister and my boyfriend would be dating right?" "yEs" they said .
I'm not that dumb they obviously have something going on. "let's go Harry." We walked in the doors and to our first block.
I was getting dressed talking to Haven because we have gym class together and I haven't herd anything from Macey because of this morning. I got in my black cheer booty shorts and my pink cheer shirt. I put on my shoes lotion on my legs and pulled my hair in a pony tail. "ready?" Haven got done fast today. "um yeah let's go." "Wait Haven! Will you help me find out if Harry's cheating on my with Macey. I walked up to find them with arms around each other today." she looked shocked but agreed. we walked out and I saw Macey and Harry sitting beside each other. I walked up to then and looked between them to see NO space. way to make it obvious. I rolled my eyes and walked to sit by Haven.

Macy's POV
I feel really bad but Harry's hawt! your probably wondering what I'm talking about. well 2 weeks ago I was at Starbucks sitting alone eating waiting for my cousin to come. turns out she cancelled an I was about to get up but Harry came and sat beside me. We talked and It was raining so I couldn't walk home. I walked there and had no way home. I asked Harry for a ride. when we got to my house unasked if he wanted to stay for a little while and he agreed. We talked watched movies and well my parents weren't home so we got to know each other a whole lot more and long story hot we had sex. he usually comes over every weekend he can because I guess I'm just that good. Or more like im begging him to come over and fuck me. We only screwed 2 times cuz he felt bad. but he will kiss me.
Enough of that back to reality. Right now Coach J. was picking captains for battle ball. battle ball is dodgeball.
"Gracie and haven our captains." he yelled. Gracie chose first picking Harry. then haven picked Zayn. I was expecting Gracie to pick me next but she picked Brady.
The teams ended up being:
And Liam.

And Me.
I was the LAST person picked! Wtf! I'm usually 5th . maybe they know something's up.

After gym class and cheer practice I decided to go to Maceys house to ask if anything was up. I pulled into the driveway and went to the door to knock. I heard bodies but knocked anyway.
After a little while someone opened the door. "Harry? What are you doing here with your shirt off ONLY IN YOUR BOXERS?!"
I'm so pissed. I'm about to throw a fudging Bf! in other words Bitch Fit.
" Um... nothing I was taking a shower. what are you doing here?"
"If you were taking a shower then why isn't you hair wet? and I was going to ask Macey what was going on between you two but I guess my question is answered. Harry you are going to regret this. I'm not going to do anything bad but leave."
The truth was I had an X-Factor audition. I sent in my video of dancing they liked it and asked if I wanted to be a back up dancer I being me agreed. I leave in 2 days.
"What do you mean leave?"
"Remember that video you recorded of me dancing?" "well I sent it to this X-Factor they liked it and asked if I wanted to be a backup dancer. I leave in two days." with that I walked away to my car and speed away. I didn't look back.
I arrived home and began packing everything but two outfits makeup and shoes and hair supplies. I go to school tomorrow to turn in books leave come home.

Harry's POV : I'm glad me and the boys auditioned months ago and got in
It's another chance I see her. "babe come back!' "no I'm leaving you fucked my life up." "whatever leave" Macey said.
We have the show in two days also.

Harry's POV :

4 years later:
"And the group that will be leavening is...... One direction." Shit I burst into tears. we just got kicked off. damn if Gracie was here she would be comforting me right now. She's been ignoring me. I've seen her around we haven't talked. she's gotten a lot hotter.

Right now we were in Simons office signing a record deal. Simon wanted to keep us."would you like to see your dancers?" 'yea!"
"Come on in ladies." Simon yelled. in walked 4 beautiful ladies. I recognised the 3rd one it was Gracie.

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