Rollins Xahnd

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Name: Rollins Xahnd

Gender: Male

Age: 13

God/dess: Artimes.

Ability: He can change into woodland creatures, heal in moonlight, and enchant arrows.

Magical item: A spear he calls Kylyosis that changes into a bow.

Appearance: Scraggy silver-white hair, pale skin, tall, thin, and gold eyes with a cut on his left eye.

Exceptional characteristics: None.

Siblings: Vanessa (a.k.a. Nessa).

Personality: Moody and mysterious but once you know him he's a good guy

Bio: Rollins and Vanessa's dad was a wolf so they were both born as wolves but Rollins later grew out of it and became human. Nessa on the other side stayed a wolf. Rollins watched over her as they grew up on the streets, Rollins posing as a blind kid and Nessa his guide dog. Rollins father before they left him gave him a spear that could turn into a bow and told him to watch after his sister. On their tenth birthday, a manticore came and attacked them. Rollins defended Nessa, but the manticore managed to cut his eye. Soon after they managed to find Camp Half-Blood.

Camp: Camp Half-Blood.

Au or not: Yes (Artimis had a child).

Other: He hates his mom, but cares about sister.

Submitted by Artimesson111

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