Chapter 25

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January 9

{Harry's P.O.V}

I rested my head against the hard tree and squeezed my eyes shut. "AH!" I screamed as the whip made a painful contact against my bare back. I bit my swollen lip for the millionth time, preventing any scream to escape. A few other muffled screams escaped as the guy kept on whipping.

"Alright, that's enough for today," Volten spoke from behind. Now I can recognize his voice between millions of other voices.

I could feel the cold breeze making contact with my back, making me groan. Even air seemed to make my back throb even more. I didn't even want to see how it looked, I knew it would be scarred terribly. The thing was, maybe those are permanent scars. The whip the guy was using looked different than normal whips, this one had very rough ends. Volten untied my hands with one swift movement, with no struggle at all. I gasped as I felt my hands get free for the first time in a week. I examined them carefully, my wrists looked like I was wearing a tight red band on them. That's how red they were. I was still on my knees facing the hard looking tree that I was attached to. I put my head back to the way it was, leaning on the trunk of the tree. I was exhausted. Since the torture started, I was getting fed only once a day, and in a small portion too. They would get me only one sack of blood. It's probably so that I will stay weak and not have enough energy to resist them.

Volten chuckled in amusement, "Wow. I don't think I've seen a vampire with this number of tattoos on them."

I remained silent, though in my head, I was beating the shit out of him.

"Well," He started pacing around slowly, "I've got good news, and bad news for you." Oh. The joy. "The good news are," He continued, "that your torturing phase, is over. You're no longer getting tortured. The bad news, maybe for you they're bad, but to me, I'm thrilled," He stopped pacing and looked at me carefully, I wanted to know what the bad news were. I mean, I don't think anything is worse than this. He crouched down and whispered slowly, "She's next." 

My head snapped towards him, "What?"

He smiled evilly and and said, "Well, you don't expect me to keep her alive once she knew about you, do you?"

"She doesn't know me! She knows nothing!" I exclaimed, feeling the wave of guilt for admitting that. Sarah really doesn't know the real me.

"Do I care? No," He growled, "In fact, those might be her final hours. I could just get over with it right now, but I've decided to play with your nerves a bit. Look on the bright side! We'll get rid of her, and we'll be generous enough to pretend that none of this has happened, and you'll be your loyal vampire self again."

"NO!" I tried to get up, only to be stroked by the forgotten pain on my back from the earlier whipping. I groaned as I fell again. My back was killing me. I'm not letting anything happen to her, or else I won't be able to live with myself.

She's just too innocent for fuck's sake!

The problem is that I'm not capable of doing anything, it's The Masters, they're so powerful. They can easily put an end to both Sarah and I, and I don't want that. I had to think of a way to protect her without risking anything, but that would be almost impossible. I would even sacrifice myself and tell them to kill me instead, but that won't guarantee me that she's safe.

Think, Harry!

"You know... You can do whatever you want, whip me again, torture me. I NO LONGER GIVE A SHIT," I screamed, drawing the attention of few vampires as they glanced at what was going on. I've always hated the attention, but at this point, I didn't care. I bet the whole vampire nation knew about me now, they all know I loved a human... I continued, "but you are not laying a finger on her. Just leave her alone for fuck's sake! I bet she already forgot about me!"

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