Chapter 19

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*1 month later*

Ever since I found out Chris has a kid we haven't spoken. He tries to talk to me, but I ignore him. He tells Jamie and China to give me "messages", they tell me but I honestly don't care. I ignore the "messages" and continue on with my day.

He has really tried EVERYTHING! He's bought me flowers, chocolate, balloons. At some point he's gonna give up. And then I'll be satisfied.

Right now was one of the awkward moments where both Chris and I were at our lockers, in silence, on our separate ways home.

Our parents were just about finished with there work project, which meant no more Chris.

In the mist of our silence Chris slammed his locker. I looked at him and when our eyes met I quickly looked away. He stayed there with his head against his locker.

When I was done, and was walking off he grabbed my shoulder. He spun me around

"Sade please talk to me."

I dropped my shoulder so his hand would fall off and said "Bye Chris."

He grabbed my arm and turned me around "Baby let me explain!"

"Chris get off me. I just wanna go home!" I started to tear up. This is exactly why I don't want to talk to him, every time I think about the situation I tear up.

He saw the tears in my eyes and let me go. He began to speak but I turned around and walked off.

He yelled "Fuck" and punch a locker. He walked off shaking his hand in pain. I don't understand why he's so upset, I should be the one who's upset!

He's so selfish !


I walked in my house to see Darnell and my mom working. As I was walking up the stairs I heard Darnell speaking to my mom.

"Chris has been acting so strange lately. He's mad at times and sad at others. I think he's keeping something from me."

All of a sudden something came over me and I ran back down the steps, and blurred out "Chris has a child."

They both looked at me and said in unison "What!?"

"Chris, your son, got a girl pregnant. He has a child."

Darnell got up enraged, he quickly stuffed all his papers into a folder and grabbed his keys. His last words before leaving the house was "When I find that boy..." then he slammed the door.

I walked to my room and closed the door. I sighed.

Fighting back tears I thought ...

What have I done?


Please don't kill me! I'll be updating again soon. But until then... There you go!

~Maddy 😘💕

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