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(Toni's pov)

It's two weeks after the switch on and I am still thrilled that The Tristan Evans smiled at me. ME! Also I was looking back on my videos I took on my phone and I found something interesting. When Brad was singing Can We Dance I could swear that he pointed at Grace! I showed Grace and she acted like she didn't care about but I saw a small blush creep onto her face..

We were both sat in Grace's car parked at MacDonalds but we wasn't getting out yet, The radio was offering a chance to win tickets to Jingle Bell Ball and guess who would be there? Thats right. The Vamps. As well as Jason Derulo, Katy Perry, Olly Murs, Ellie Goulding and more! I mean, whats not to enjoy about that?

I was currently on the phone waiting to get through to the station so I could get a chance of winning two front row V.I.P tickets for me and Grace.




And I'm through! I won't bore you with the conversation but they played me a clip of a man talking really fast and I had to remember most of the things he said because they started asking me and some other guy named 'Tom'  questions about things the man said and in the end:

Tom 2/3 correct.

Toni 3/3 correct.

I said my thanks and hung up and then I continued to squeal excidedly. Call me weird but I don't care, I have tickets to the Jingle Bell Ball and you don't.

"Grace, am I dreaming right now? I can't believe it! We're going to see The Vamps again! I'm going to see Tristan again!!" I shouted happily, Grace tried sharing my enthusiasm but I could see she just didn't care as much as me so I stopped for the sake of her happiness and we got out of the car and bought our selves some celebratory MacDonalds like cool people do.

(Jingle Bell Ball)

The Vamps had just performed and Tristan didn't smile at me this time, but I'm am sure I saw Brad give Grace a smile! She wouldn't notice anyway as she was examining her nails boredly. All the musicians were having a break so I suggested we go to Shakeaway as there was no good drinks here and I loved milkshakes. Grace agreed with me so we headed off to the small milkshake bar.

The journey was 15 minutes as crowds of people were walking about in different directions but we had an hour so it was fine. I ordered peanut butter and reese's cups while Grace got the minstrels and kit kat. They sound gross but believe me, they tasted beautiful. We were looking for a seat when my eyes darted to a group of four boys. I almost dropped my milkshake when I realised who exactly they were. It was The Vamps. With my free hand I grabbed Graces arm and started making my way over with no idea what I would say when I got there. 'Think brain think!' I mentally shouted at myself but I couldn't , and it was too late as I was stood infront of thier table and they had all turned to look at me. I wasn't able to speak for a few seconds because of the shock but I was pulled out of my trance when Grace pinched my back. I yelped and looked at her whilst she just grinned and shrugged. I turned back around and cleared my throat.

"Are you uh.. Are you The Vamps?" I asked. What an idiot. Of course they were The Vamps! You have just saw them perform! "I mean, can I have your autographs?" I asked, quick recovery but not quick enough. They laughed at me but agreed.

"Sure, do you have a pen or paper?" Connor asked us. I nodded my head no and so did Grace, who looked awfully casual even when she was face to face with the band. Since nobody had a pen Brad suggested we just take a picture so I agreed. We all got in the frame, me next to Connor and Tristan which I was more than happy about and Grace squashed between James and Brad. I was about to take the picture when I got an incoming call from my Mum. I looked at Grace worriedly and she shared the same expression I did. I clicked answer and brought the phone to my ear.

"H-hello?" I asked, my mouth suddenly becoming dry I moved back a few steps so I was out of earshot from everybody.

"Bitch! Where the fuck are you?!" My Mums loud voice blasted through my phone into my ear, making me shiver.

"I'm at the-"

"I don't give a fuck where you are! You've been stealing my beer again haven't you, you theiving little ungrateful cow?!" Her words were slurred and I could tell she was drunk by her voice. She probably drank them and then forgot she drank them. I couldn't even get another word in and she continued talking.

"I don't wan't to hear your fucking excuses! I want you out, don't even come back to get your things or you'll wish you didn't in the first place!" She shouted before hanging up the phone on me. I stood there, frozen with the phone still at my ear. I was homeless. My vision started to get blurry and Grace ran up to me worriedly.

"Toni, what did she say?" She asked me frowning I tore my gaze away from the spot on the floor I was looking at and turned to her. 

"She kicked me out. She kicked me out, Grace. I'm officially homeless." I said as I felt a tear slide down my cheek.

(Tristan pov)

Me and the boys sat at the table looking at the two girls confusedly. I recognised the one with the red hair- Toni, I think. She was at the switch on and I smiled at her. She smiled back at me, she was cute when she smiled; but not when she looked like she wanted to break down.

"Did anybody else hear the conversation on the phone or ws it just me?" Brad asked curiously. We all nodded and shut up as we saw they were coming back towards us.

"Everything's fine, she just got a sad phone call, thats all.." Grace(I think) said. We all acted like we didn't hear the phone conversation and started talking again. The girls were actually really funny and we were having a blast with them. Well we were until Toni put her hair up.

Her loose sleeves lifted up and a decoration of  hand-shaped bruises covered each of her arms. I felt my jaw clench as it fell silent.

(Toni's pov)

I looked at the boys with a confused expression. They were all staring at me as I put my hair in a ponytail. I turned to Grace and saw she was gesturing to her arms, I so I looked at mine and let my hair fall again forgetting about the bobble and pulling my sleeves back down. I looked at them with wide eyes only to find them staring at eachother as if having a silent conversation. They did this for a while beofre turning back to me and Grace.

"Come to London with us."

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