Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

I'm not Human Either

Charlotte's P.O.V.

I looked up at him pleading with my eyes. He sighed. "One trip," he caved. I smiled wide and jumped with excitement. I wish it lasts for more than one trip. That Duke of York... something isn't right about that bloke and I'd rather be with a friend. I chuckled and watched as the Doctor walked a circle around the console. "So all of time and space all that was all that ever will be, where to start Charlotte," he asked. I smiled and tilted my head "I don't care just show me the stars," I said. I watched him fiddle around. I could see a pang of guilt shoot across his face but disappeared as quickly as it came.

Suddenly I heard a metallic groaning like the sound an animal, sometimes a horse, would make if it were injured or refused to move. "What," the Doctor asked looking at me. "What," I asked confused. "You look confused," he replied. "Oh right, that noise what in heavens name is wrong with the TARDIS is it in pain," I asked. He laughed. He just laughed at me! Excuse me for being a 17th century woman. I hardly have any knowledge on any matter besides how to act like a lady. Everything else I know I taught myself. "Don't look so offended I'm just not used to people not even knowing what a car is. Sorry, but no the TARDIS is fine," he says dismissively.

Ugh! He just dismissed me completely! "Oh, are you so sure about that Doctor," I inquired in a faux pleasant voice. He raised an eyebrow. "Don't worry in the 21st century it's called a break," he dismissed chuckling. Hah! He thinks he's all knowing and clever. Not even in his most bizzare dreams will he be able to outsmart me. "Really? Well in the 17th century it's what we call a broken ride. If the injury doesn't get tended to you could wind up stranded and quite frankly I wouldn't wish to be stranded on some planet with god knows what for the rest if my life," I rebuttled crossing my arms.

"You realize your talking to a timelord about this," he asked. "And you realize you're talking a werewolf about this? I'm not human either," I snapped not realizing I'd just given away my deepest secret. "What," He asked. "What," I asked acting confused. "You couldn't be a...," he said trailing off. "Oh I think I hear a peculiar noise outside," I said and rushed to the door. "How could I forget," he asked himself. I walked to the door. "So why haven't you turned into one when I saw you earlier. "Oh I wonder where we are," I said avoiding the question and opening the door. "What's it," is all I heard the Doctor say before I looked out the doors.

I looked at the land. It was covered with greyish-black streets instead of cobble stone, and people running back and forth and horse drawn carriages without the horses. Women wore trousers and such few cloths. The clothes they did wear were often tight. Their hair was all different colors. My god her hair is so short! She looks like a man! Wait I think that was a man. Why is the hair so long and why are their trousers exposing their undergarments? "It's so bizarre," I said breathlessly.

"Turning into a wolf is bizarre isn't it? But isn't it a bit well, cool," He asked. It appeared he has a suppressed Scottish accent. It might be thicker but he must socialize with a lot of English folk. "No you daft Timeboy. I meant this land," I said smiling, "Where are we another planet?" "No actually we're on Earth, 2013, London England," He said. "This is Earth," I asked looking at the people disapprovingly. "Who has blue hair," I asked watching and girl with blue hair and bushy brown eyebrows walk past in an extremely short pair of tight trousers and a tight top. Where I come from her own family would disown her in seconds for making such a visual mockery of her self.

"It's hair dye its a common thing of this time," he explained, "you should change into something from this time as well." I nod and run into a room. I look at a pair of blue trousers. I believe they are called jeans though we call them denims. By we I mean me and my mate Katherine. I took a tee shirt, as it's labeled, and put it on it was smoke grey like the night gown I was wearing a minute ago. I kept my boots on though.

I joined the Doctor. He smiled and I took his hand dragging him out. "You're so slow," I complained with a smirk. "Maybe you're just too fast," he countered. I swear he's like an over grown child. I shook my head chuckling at the thought. "Doctor, why are we really here," I asked. He looked around nervously. He didn't let it show though. But I could smell the nervous sweat on his palms. "What do you mean," He asked. He tried to play off that he wasn't worried, but I could see it on his face. I looked at the sky and looked around. I dragged him to a hidden little lake and stood leaning against a rail. "I've never been able to watch a sunset before," I said. I felt him look at me but I kept watching the setting sun.

It changed the hues of the sky. The sky went from blue, to dark blue, to purple, to red, to orange, to peach, to pink, to yellow. I watched until there was no sign the sun was even in the sky. "Why are you still so nervous," I asked finally looking at him. He looked out at the water. "This wasn't where I originally planned on taking you," he admitted. "Then why are we here," I asked simply. He looked at me and said, "That's what I'm trying to figure out."

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