Megan's P.O.V

i was sitting at the table and Liam sat down in front of me i looked up i knew this was going to happen just not this soon. "Already?" i asked him he told me no i was relived i could not deal with two punishments this close and he could tell that i was happy. then he told me Louis will do it to me a after dinner i sighed and leaned back in my chair. He walked away and by that time only Harry and Louis where in the citation making dinner and Liam went to watch the rest of Despicable Me i did not want to be around the guys any more that is when my ante-social part came out i went up to my room listened to Paramore and wrote some fan fiction about the Hunger Games. Then i herd a knock at the door i took of my head-phones and walked to the door i opened the door and i saw Nail. He told me that it was time for dinner and i better get down fast Louis was really mad at me because of what happened between me and Harry this afternoon. i did not waist any time and went down stairs and sat down at the table. Besides the little uneasiness at the begging and end it was a pretty normal dinner we talked laughed and harry stole some of my food witch i was not the happiest about.  O MY GOD i forgot to take my pills i am soused to take them before dinner i am such an idot. Then we where all done and did not want that spa in my moth right after dinner that is when i herd Nail say he was going to wash the dish's and i knew that was my way out so i told him i would help. I was in the kition and started to help Nail however that is when Louis came in and said to Nail "don't you think that Megan has something more important to do?' Nail looked up at him then at me and only said "she can help later." I was pissed he could of helped me nerveless instead he just gave up what a freaking sissy! I said this in my head because i did not want to her Nail's feelings and i did not want to get into more pointless trouble. We walked into one of the bathrooms and i sat on the toilet he grabbed a bar of soap and started putting it under the water. I lined over sideways to see more clearly what he was donning a pertly it had all those little soap bobbles on it Then he turned around with it in his hand. I put my hands over my moth like a GOD DAME  four year old. He told me "you should of thought of that before you said those things." that is when i thought only if he knew what i thought i would have that soap in my mouth every day. I knew that i should get this done and over with so he did not have to push it into my moth. He put it in and i tried to take it out when it was about a minute. However he saw me and hit it out of the way and said that now i have to keep it in for three more minutes. I hated this i was humiliated this is wore then being spanked in front of a fan. He just stood their texting i have no clue how but it got me really ticked off i he just stood their and i did nothing to defend myself as usual. Hay i do have an attitude but it dose not mean i know how to use it correctly. He finally took it out and asked me "Why did i have to put soap in your moth?" I hate that question they always do that after my punishment they ask me why i got it! It was so freaking stupid however i told him what he wanted to heir and that was "because i sewer at harry." good he told me back that is when the shitty British accent could not get any more annoying! Once he left i ran for the sink to wash out that descusting taste. After a wheel it was gone and i want to my room i grabbed my water bottle and went to my bra and under where draw  i took out and empty box of pads and in said was my bottle of weight loss pills. i took out one and put it back away as fast as i could maybe to fast. because the next thing i knew was i her feet running to the door and a fist pounding on it and a voice asking if i was ok.

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