Chapter 2

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The plane lands and you all get off and collect your luggage. Pewds is trying to hail a cab while your digging through your suitcase looking for your medication. "Damn it where is it... oh here it is," you say finding your medication. You grab the unopened water bottle from Pewds and take your medication. "Um... (name) what did you just take?" Asks Ryan. "Medication for... something," you say. You sigh. "For what?" Asks Marzia. You sigh again before saying "the doctors call it a multiple personality disorder but that's not what I have... well in my opinion... it's for suppressing her, my other 'personality' since she is dangerous to people." Pewds finally hails a cab and we get in.

 At the house you are staying at, you all claim a room we will stay in. Pewds and Marzia in one room Ryan in one and you are in the last one. You unpack and take out you laptop and get on Skype after asking Pewds for the WiFi password. You're actually a YouTuber as well and you name is (YouTube name). You see that Minx, SeaNanners, Cry, and Pewds is on. You message them and see if they want to play trouble in terrorist town. They all accept and you start playing and talking as your recording it.

 "Hey Pewdie are you recording?" You ask. "No I'm not I don't want to risk the bet," he answers. "You talking about the bet Pewds made with his girlfriend?" Asks SeaNanners. "Yeah and I'm even on vacation with them so I can see the loser do their video," you say with an evil smirk on your face due to the fact your the terrorist. "Hey is anyone dead yet?" Asks Cry. "I am," says Minx and SeaNanners. You hear Pewds whisper to someone. 'It's probably Marzia so he can cheat,' you think. Next thing you know someone is knocking on your door. "Marzia I have a feeling it's you," you say. "How did you know?" Say Marzia through the door. "I have my ways. And Pewdie your an idiot," you say. "Pewds must be the terrorist!" You hear Cry say as he killed Pewds. "Awe shit is (YouTube name)!" Says Cry. "Yup!" You say popping the 'p' as you snipe Cry. On the screen it says that the terrorist wins in red letters. The next round start and you guy play until round 7.

 "Well I got to go... I want to go to a park I saw on the way here," you say. "Bye," everyone but Pewds says. "Hey, (name). Don't you need someone to help you with talking and translating?" Asks Pewdie. "My friend Sarah learned Swedish and taught it to me because after high school she planned to go to Sweden for college and to make a life and she wants me to visit when I can... So I'm fine," you say with a smile on your face.

 You get off your laptop and get ready to leave and you grab your phone. As you leave you shout that you'll be gone for a few hours. You walk down to the park near by and phone your friend Sarah. "Hello?" Say Sarah. "Hey old friend. How's it doing?" You say. "(Name)? Is that you?" "Yeah and I'm in Sweden... So you still live in the same house?" "Y-yeah. Wait how did you get to Sweden?" "A Swedish friend I made back in America," you say as you start walking to Sarah's. "So how's that husband of yours?" You ask. "Oh he's great... by the way we had a baby," Sarah says slowly probably to see how you would react. "That's great! Boy? Girl? What's their name?" You ask excitedly. "You'll find out when you get here (nickname that a friend calls you)," Sarah says. "Well alright I'll see you soon," you say as you hang up. You put your phone in your pocket and take off running, excited to see your friend.

A/n: well their you go another chapter and I'm ahead of schedule... So I need a name and gender for the baby... leave suggestions in the comments and I'll pick the one I like. Thanks for reading bye ^_^

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