Could Dreams Come True?

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{Hey guys!, This story is fan fiction about O2L, a YouTube collab. Some parts in the story might get a little intimate or dirty. There will be some foul language in there also. (Just for the heads up)

I'll try to update every Tuesday or Wednesday! :-) .

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Hope you enjoy!}

•Bryana's POV•

As I walk through the door coming home from school, I notice that Jc Caylen is having a following spree and giving out DM's. (Direct messages).

I quickly set all my things down and open up twitter. I read the tweet saying,

"Hey guys. I'm following a bunch of people. So tweet the hashtag #Caylenthursday and I'll follow you and give a DM!"

I tweet the hashtag "#CaylenThursday" adding Jc in the tweet. Then after that I set my phone down and decide to get something to eat.

I go to the kitchen and get some Oreos and a Cherry Pepsi.

I go sit down on the couch and pull out my history book and start doing the history homework. As I'm finishing up with my history I get a notification .

It's a twitter.

I read "Jc Caylen is now following you"

I screamed after I read this. I was so excited. I had to call my best friend, Sierra.

I told her and she didn't believe me. So I screen shotted the twitter and sent it to her through text.

After that she believed me.!

{sorry guys. Short chapter. But I'll update again Tuesday or Wednesday. Make sure to comment ideas for the next update!!. Also don't forget to vote!!}

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