My entire body is burning up and I suck in my last breath before arching my back into the air. I was beyond a point of pure ecstasy. I had never felt this relieved.

Harry slides his finger out of me but continues to rub the area outside with his other hand. He seductively sucks on the finger that was just inside of me, savoring every bit of the liquid he had collected on it.

"You taste so fucking sweet," he grins. Now, I actually can't speak because I'm still trying to recover from what just happened.

"That was hot," he smiles at me, before coming down to kiss me again.

I really can't believe what I had just done but I know I needed this. This was Harry's sole purpose in my life and I couldn't wait to crush his world with this truth later on.

I know he thinks the game's almost over, and who knows, he might be right. But Harry certainly isn't the one who's winning.

I am.


Harry's POV

Watching Savannah come undone in front of me was surreal. I had never felt so satisfied without receiving any pleasure in return. It made me just as happy to see her writhing body twist and turn from my touch.

I remove my lips from the naked girl below me and I'm quite pleased with myself. I'm so close to winning this bet. But I feel like it's becoming more than just that.

"You ready to go?" I ask.

"Oh we're leaving already?" she mumbles as she gets up and reaches for her clothes.

"Yeah, did you want to stay longer?" I smirk.

"Well I thought you wanted me to... you know..." she trails off while finishing getting dressed. I know exactly what she wants to say but I want to hear her say it.

"What?" I push.

"Oh come on. You know what I mean," she smiling and looking down at her feet.

I laugh and give in to her. "No, I'm ok," I flash her a smile but she doesn't return one. I move closer to Savannah and take her hands in mine. She stays still as I run my fingers through hers; they're extremely soft and delicate. She's so pure and it makes me want her even more.

"Is everything ok?" I nervously ask. I know she enjoyed what we just did, but I hope she didn't regret it.

"Well, it's just that... I can't help but feel a little used. I mean we're just leaving after what we did, without really talking about it," she replies.

"I'm not using you Vanna," I partially lie. "You have to get something out of it in order to use someone."

She looks right at me. Her eyes, which are filled with doubt, are piercing into mine. I can't help but wonder if she believes me or not. I mean, why wouldn't she? It's not like she knows anything. Right?

I realize I'm being too paranoid and decide to start walking back to the car. I don't let go of Savannah's hand but I feel a little resistance when I pull her with me. Fortunately, my strength overpowers her and she follows suit.

"Hey..." I turn to look at her nervously when we get to my car. I grab a shirt from my trunk and put it on before finishing my thoughts. "Are you hungry?"

"Um yeah actually," she says, finally deciding to talk me.

"I know just where to go," I tell her while opening the car door for her.

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