Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

(Please read the author's note at the end. Enjoy~)


Waking up in a strange house isn't that scary but waking up chained to a bed in a strange house makes me freak the fuck out. I carefully take in my surroundings and notice I'm in a big room. Charcoal walls are lined with posters and picture my eyes zeroed on one in particular. It was boy and girl. The boy looked familiar, but the girl didn't for some reason the arm around the girl got my wolf fired up for some reason. Then it hit me. The boy is Drake and he already has a girl to love. Then it god me angry because he was trying to get with me and he already had a girl. Also he kidnapped me so if he thinks this will be away to win my heart he has another thing coming. I welcomed the anger that plagued me and looked for an escape.

I studied the rope that held me and elongated my claws that, with a swift strike fell to a heap next to me. I did this to both my hands and feet so I was finally free. I glanced down at my clothes and my anger soared. That motherfucker changed my clothes! Did he not know the word privacy? I stretched out my sore muscles and looked around the room looking for a good escape route.

The window at the end of the room caught my attention and I instantly sighed in relief. My wolf was also happy that we found an escape route. I knew she would stand by me with any decision I would make, even if it would be against her mate.

'You got that right darling' my wolf said

I had small smile on my face after she said that and may me more determined to find a way out of the hellhole. I peeked out from the side of the curtains to see if Drake stationed guards underneath my window.

Sure enough there was two big muscly guards underneath my window. Shit! I thought this guy really thinks on his feet. I went into the bathroom and found another window. I peeked out again and found no guards this time. I quickly but quietly leapt out the window. I made sure to mask my scent before I started to run, Drake would be sure to track my scent. I started to run faster than any werewolf alive and I was already at my house in less than one minute.

Climbing the stairs to my house, I went into my room and the connecting bathroom and found my hair dye. You see I have been in this situation before, where I would have to make a quick escape from anyone and everyone. I quickly put the hair dye in and waited 15 minutes.

~15 minutes later

I washed out the dye and looked in the mirror my hair now dark red hair. I put in green contacts and I was done. My reflection looked nothing of my original self and that's exactly how I like it. I went into my closet to change my wardrobe. I put on a black leather jacket, black tank top, black ripped jeans and my black combat boots. I changed at looked in the mirror. I wasn't Icy Fae anymore. I was Victoria Morgan.

I left my house and made sure to mask my scent when I headed to the car dealership. I couldn't take my baby because it had my scent all over it and Drake would surely find me. The car dealership was down the road since it was small town in Arizona.

Once I got there I found the bike section and got a 2013 Honda CBR500R ABS 500 Sport bike and was she a beauty. I got the papers and signed eagerly to get my baby quicker. After all of the paper work was done and I paid the dealer, I got the keys and took my bike and spent the rest of the day riding around town.


Authors Note

Okay I'm so sorry that I haven't updated for a awhile and I'm like really busy so I just wanted to tell you guys I love you and thank you for giving my book a chance. Drake's POV next time stay tune. Maybe 8 votes for next update and please comment I like reading them and what you think of my book. Little short I think sorry I have major writing block.

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