Chapter 5

Emma’s POV

Last night, after my mom burst through the door, she noticed my distressed state. She never pestered me and asked what happened. She simple slipped through the covers and climbed in next to me. She started stroking my hair to comfort me. She was lying next to me when I fell asleep, but as I wake up, she was no longer at my side.

I realized I had to get up if I didn’t want to be late for class.

I was confused why my alarm didn’t wake me up this morning, but realized that my mom put a small note on my phone. I smiled as I read what she wrote.

I turned off your alarm for today only.

Don’t go to school if you don’t want to.

Get some rest,

and we’ll talk later. Breakfast is on the table.



I didn’t want to skip school, surprisingly. I don’t want to be known as weak and scared. Plus, I don’t want to miss any of my classes. I do have a test in history today and we’re working on a new project in art. I love art, it calms me how I have control in whatever I create.

As I get ready for school, I don’t really give an effort for my appearance. I made sure my makeup was okay and my face wasn’t stained with mascara or my tears.

I picked up the breakfast my mom left me, kind of upset she had to leave for work so soon, and went out the door.


When I was walking to school, I regretted not staying home. I thought everything would be okay, but as I was walking on the sidewalk with my earphones on, some douchebags, who were driving a black Chevrolet truck, decided to throw snow at me.

I then recognized that truck, I’ve seen it before. That’s the truck the populars hangout in at the parking lot.

The snow began seeping through my hoodie and black leggings. Now I was walking to school, shivering from the cold, with my now broken earphones, and my makeup was probably smeared as well.


My plan was to avoid everyone before the bell even rings.

                I hid behind a tree that was in front of the parking lot. As soon as the bell rings, signaling everyone to get to class, I would wait for everyone in the parking lot to clear out, grab my books from my locker, and rush to class. Hopefully, the hallways are clear when I get to my locker and I don’t get marked down for being late.

                I waited for a few minutes, until I heard the familiar ringing of the school bell. Soon, one by one, students began piling out of the parking lot, but the populars still hung out at the truck. That’s when I realized they’re usually late to class, but as I thought that, they all began walking to the entrance of the school.

                Thank God.

                As the door finally closed behind the last person, I threw myself off the tree and started running to the door.

                Suddenly, I hit something cold. I realized I was pushed onto the snowy ground, shivering even more because my already soaked clothes weren’t providing any protection between the cold surface and my body.

                I was trying to get up, when I was pushed down again. The same person who pushed me, flipped me over so I was now looking at my attacker.

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