Shoplifting by the Slits

                   March 23rd, 2013

          I told my parents about tonight’s gig this morning and told them that they were not allowed to miss it. I didn’t say it in a demanding way at all, I was actually kind of joking when I said that because I knew they might already have previous commitments, but I think they’re scared I’m gonna have a breakdown again if they don’t show up. They don’t know about the gigs I had last week and the week before and the week before.

          The place we’ve been playing at this weekend is giving us $100 a night, plus we’re getting tips- mainly from middle aged men who look like they used to be in bands themselves. Last night we earned $110 in total and tonight we could even earn more.

          We already have $400 towards Emily’s new drum kit and it seems like a lot, but we’re not even a fifth of the way there. We’re gonna go to a music store before it closes tonight to look at a kit. And by Emily’s request, she wants to look into getting a decal of our band name for the bass drum.

          I am nervous about my parents being here in the slightest since neither of them were really punk fans growing up- more so the Bay City Rollers, the Osmonds, and the Partridge Family- and I don’t know what they’ll think of our music.

          When it’s time for us to start playing, I don’t even feel nervous. “Adventures Close to Home” is what we play first; it’s my favorite cover we play, so it kind of calms any nerves I could have.

          My parents look only the slightest bit confused. This is not the kind of music they are and were into as I mentioned before.

          Daniel arrives about four songs later, dropping a tip in the jar because he’s so sweet. I smile at him and give a slight wave in between the next two songs.

          We haven’t covered “Shoplifting”- my favorite song by the Slits- until tonight, and I’m excited about it. I’m afraid that it might make my parents nervous, but it’s not like I ever made them proud before. The look on their faces during the scream part is priceless, and Daniel sits there chuckling to himself, proud and supportive.

          “That was very… interesting, Kate.” It’s just like the scene in Back to the Future.

          “Yeah, that was definitely something.”

          “Thanks,” I fake a smile, “We’re going over to the music store to look at the cost of drums. Emily’s have been falling apart.”

          My dad looks over at the paint-chipped set that went out of tune before the last three songs. “Yeah…” He pauses, “They’re pretty expensive, though.”

          “That’s why we’re playing gigs.”

          “Oh, okay.”

          Daniel wraps his arms around me in an aggressive hug just then, confusing me at first, but then I turn around and hug him back. “’Shoplifting’ was great! The scream was awesome!”

          “Thank you, Daniel.”

          “Are you guys going out after the gig?”

          “To a music store,”

          “Ooh, I wanna go.”

          “Ask Samantha. She’s paying for bus tickets. I don’t know if she’d pay for yours.”

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