Chapter 14: My Novocain

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Carley's POV:

I woke up in a bed with someone's arm wrapped around my waist. I turned around to see a cute guy sleeping there. He had noticed that I turned around and woke up. "Hi, I'm Trè." He said. "Carley." I replied back.

He was really cute. But wait, what about Jeramy? Ugh, I'm so over him and his games I'm breaking up with him later. "So, since we slept in the same bed and your wearing my clothes, what does this make us?" He asked. "A lot more than strangers" I laughed.

"Hey, Carley." He said. He came closer to me until our bodies were centimeters apart and he cooed in my ear," you look sexy in my clothes..." His voice sent chills down my spine. I had never felt this feeling before. Was I turned on? Was I horney? Was I just, well, cold? I didn't know. Maybe a combination of all three maybe none of them.

He put his arms around my waist and looked at me. Why was he staring at me like this? "You've got some really nice eyes." What was with all the compliments? "Hey, do you like me?" I asked. "Well duh, your pretty much the hottest girl around!" He said laughing. How cute someone finds me 'hot'.

Mandy's POV:

I had a surprise for Billie that evening. I took him out to the woods and had everything set up just the way I wanted it. The fairy lights, the candles, the sparklers, everything. Today was one month. One month that we had known each other and I needed to make it special even though it was just a month. I put a blind fold over his eyes and took him into the woods.

"Mandy, are we almost there?" Billie asked like a child. "Almost Billie Joe, calm your man tits."

I heard him gasp in surprise. "Don't speak of my man titties!" He said grabbing his chest. I let out a laugh. "Billie Joe you are such a child." He pouted so i stopped him and gave him a quick kiss.

"Ok, we're here! But you have to keep the blindfold on. So umm you just stay here for a second." I said to him. I lit the candles and sparklers and turned on the fairy lights. I scurried over to Billie Joe. "Ready?" I asked. "Yup." He replied. I took off his blind fold and revealed the surprise.

"Oh my god, Mandy this is amazing..." His eyes grew wide at the bright sight.

Billie Joe's POV:

Mandy is the best girlfriend ever. She took me into the woods and when she took off the blindfold there was sparklers and fairy lights and candles that were arranged on a cage and it said BJ + M in a heart. This girl was amazing.

"Mandy, I love you. This is beautiful." I said looking at her. "Do you really like it?" She asked with her hands folded down and rested at her thighs. "Of course I like it!" I look down at her slightly glossed lips. They were so tempting and looked so plump and kissable. Her perfume was so intoxicating. I couldn't take it anymore, I slowly leaned in and closed my eyes. We kissed so slowly and passionately.

Damn, I love this girl. As I pulled away I pulled her into a hug. "Let's go home and cuddle." She said. "Whatever you want baby."

We walked home hand in hand and came inside. We walked upstairs to my bedroom and laid down in my bed. She changed into shorts and a sweatshirt while I changed into sweatpants and left my shirt off.

We laid down and shut the light off. "Billie Joe...." She said quietly. "Yeah"

"Ever since I started staying here, I've felt a lot....well, happier. You, Mike, and Trè make me smile."

"You make us happy." I replied. "I.....I love you." She said. "I love you too."

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