Gotta Get Out

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Hi guys! This is my first book :D tell me what you think!(:


I sat on my couch after I finished boxing up everything. I was moving again. God I hated it. I hated making friends just when I had up leave again. My dad is a Major League Baseball player though, and he gets traded to team after team after team. And I was sick of it. I love my dad, and used to think his job was pretty cool, but now it just sucks.

"Ready to go?" my mom asked me. "Yeah" I said, faking a smile. She grabbed my hand. "I know it's hard moving, and I'm proud that you just go with it", she looked into my eyes. I knew she was as sick of it as I was.

I got in the car and decided to write something to pass the long 12 hour trip that my family and I were about to begin to New York City. I would miss California, I would miss the ocean, but I'd only been here six months. I wouldn't miss it that much.

I started writing.

Hi. My name is Syrena Pierce. I am 15 years old. I was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on May 7th, 1998


As we drove into New York, I looked out the window and saw how different everything was. Sure, there was an ocean, but California had more of a laid back feel to it, here, everything was rushed and updated and, well, suave.

I walked into our new house. It was huge, there was so much space that we honestly didn't need.

"Go pick a room kiddo" my Dad said. I smiled, he still calls me "kiddo" when he knows I hate it. I grabbed my backpack and started exploring the place. The masters bedroom was on the first floor. Weird. I shrugged it off and went upstairs. There were so many rooms, I didn't know where to start. I saw a beam of light from the corner of my eye and went towards it.

As I walked into the room, I automatically loved it. I knew I'd be moving soon, but hey, architects knew their stuff on this house. There was a window seat and a huge walk in closet, the light was coming from a three way window. As I walked to it, I noticed that this room was the room that looked like a tower from the outside. It was cool, okay? Haha, I declared this room mine as a took out my iPhone and started taking pictures to send to my friend Rose back in Cali.

I sent the photos and came downstairs to find my Dad kissing my Mom in the kitchen.

Talk about awkward people.

I walked out and my Mom called after me. "Your boxes are in the first truck!". I smiled and said "Ok?" I could hear them laughing as I went to the truck.

For a daughter who has a dad in MLB, I got a lot of stuff. I pulled out two boxes and started the trips.


As I finished with the boxes, I felt my stomach grumble. I walked back downstairs and grabbed a bag of sour cream and onion chips.

I looked back at my iPhone to see a text from Rose

From: Rose ✌️

"Cool bedroom, but where's the guys? ;)"

I laughed and texted her back.

To: Rose ✌️

"Not happening Rose xD"

I put my phone in my back pocket and started unpacking.

As I finished, I noticed how bare my walls were.

Hmm, I thought. As I was thinking, I got another text.

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