Harry's POV

I shut my locker after taking out my Biology book. Why did the weekend have to be over?

"Are you smart or not!?" I heard someone yell, a bang after each word.

My confused expression changed to a scowl as I saw Rodney slamming some kid into the locker.

"Hey! Rodney let the kid go, fuck off!" I yelled approaching them.

"You're no fun Styles." Rodney scoffed dropping the kid to the ground and walking away.

"What's your name?" I said giving a hand out to him.

"I'm Archie." he said standing up without taking my hand.

"You didn't have to save me. I was fine." He huffed picking up his bookbag.

"Yeah you looked like you were handling it." I said rolling my eyes with a smile.

"I didn't say I was handling it. I'm saying I'm used to it and I don't need pity." He pushed past me.

"Who said I was pitting you? I just didn't want you to get beat up s'all." I shrugged rushing beside him.

"Well thanks but I'm just not in the mood." Archie said adjusting his backpack as we walked.

"So how old are you?" I ignored him walking into the cafeteria for lunch.

"I'm fifteen." he said looking at the ground.

"Well since you asked, I'm Harry and I'm eighteen." I put my hand out.

He looked back and fourth from my hand to me a couple times before warily shaking it.

"I don't bite, chill." I joked nudging him slightly.

"Well later." I said a bit glad that I could get back to my friends. This kid is extremely boring.

I walked over to my usual table and scooted in between Mel and Landon.

"Well hello to you too, Harry." Mel snorted adjusting herself to the new seat I put her in.

"Who were you talking too?" Landon asked.

"A new kid, his names Archie." I said trying to steal some of his chips. I have a daily routine of taking others food, simply because I can.

We all glanced up at Archie unnoticed by him. He stayed in his own little world at a completely emty table.

"Go invite him over here." Mel said pushing me slightly.

"Why?" I asked with a snort.

"Don't be rude! He's eating all by his self on the first day!" she pouted.

"You know what your problem is," I put some more of Landon's chips in my mouth and continued, "you care about others too much."

"I don't see that as a problem." she scoffed.

"Then you go invite him over here!" I said with a laugh. Sometimes I seriously question our friendship.

"Maybe I will!" she said back sitting up.

"It was sarcasm!" I called after her but she was already standing in front of him.

Landon and I watched as she spoke to him clearly about sitting at our table. He glanced over at us. We waved and I added a cheesy smile along with it. He looked back at her and she did her infamous "please" and he caved. Grabbing his things he sat in front of us three once Mel sat back down.

"So tell us about yourself." Mel said with a cheery voice. This is why she is the school president. She likes everybody.

Archie looked at all of us before he answered.

"That's a boring story."

I'm sorry wait what? Who the hell answers a question like that?

"Do you play any instruments?" she furthered. She sounds like she's interviewing him.

"No." he said looking down.

"Any sports?" She asked clearly trying to get him to stop one word answers.

"Yeah. I played soccer at my last school..." he said looking up to see our responses.

"Harry plays soccer!" She said grabbing my arm and shaking it.

"Sure do." I nodded. "Midfielder."

"Forward." he answered with a smile.

I choked on my imaginary drink.

"So you got a good kick?" I tried to hide my shock. No offense but he's a bit...scrawny.

"I guess." he shrugged.

"Are you gonna try out here?" I said leaving my position as captain a secret for now.

"I was thinking about it."

"You should." I said with a reassuring smile.

"See you, guys have things in common." Mel said nudging me.

"Yeah you're not so bad, are ya?" I joked with Archie.

He smiled and shrugged.

"I've been telling people that for a while."



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Cast list for this chapter:

Archie Bowan-Logan Lerman

Harry Styles- as his sexy self

Melody Porter [Mel]- Jenna-Louise Coleman

Landon Barry- Austin Butler

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