Chapter Four: Clue

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                                                                                      Chapter Four


After me and Justice found out both our families are kidnapped we decided we need to make our way somewhere else so they don't know where on to them. We can't go home the bad guys might be there. As me and Justice ended up walking away from the food court there was a note on the wall in the elevator as we were going to the bottom floor. It said- Open your eyes to a new path from a acquaintance- What does that mean. When we got off the bottom floor we were walking toward stores that were closed the mall must be closing soon. We were walking when we noticed a girl with hazel skin and a red poncho on. I couldn't help but confront whoever this person was and why there stalking us maybe thats the acquaintance the note said. Who knows why i trust this note it might be leading us to a trap but i don't care i will do anything to see my family safe and sound. "Who are you and why are you following us." i said. "I've been watching you becase i can help, im a mutant from a secret place called M.I.A it stands for Mutant International Agency, its not a big agency but were a group helping other mutants that survived the government wipe out." the girl said. "Wait theres still other mutants, how?"I said. "We heard from our leader she told us about it because her friend's dad worked in the C.I.A" the girl said. "What's you're leaders name." i said. Justice looked at me probably trying to comminacate mently saying we can't trust a word she says probably. "Her name is Beth shes one of the rare mutants with two powers." the Girl Said. "Whats you're name. "Its Nakia" she said.

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