One big family going in One Direction

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Louis and I just spent the rest of that day cuddling on the couch as he apologized for the confusion. No matter how many times I told him that it was fine and it was my fault for just assuming, he kept saying sorry.  He was such a gentleman about everything and that really surprised me because I always assumed that famous people were stuck up. Since the boys were leaving soon we all decide to hang out today. Tomorrow was Lou and I's anniversary so it was their way of saying happy anniversary to us. Liam was the first on there and Niall was with him. "I wish I could like actually hug you." Liam said carefully giving me a gentle little hug. 

"Hey mate." Niall said hugging Louis 

"Hey Nialler." He replied

"Bailey!" He almost yelled as he hugged me 

"Hi Niall."

"I missed you Ginger." He said

"I saw you less then a week ago Niall."

"I still miss you."

"Ok well I miss you too blonde." 

I liked to call Niall blonde and he would sometimes called me ginger because I liked to dye my hair red. The doorbell rang seconds before Zayn opened the door. "Hi." Zayn said hugging me. 

"Hi Zayn." I replied 

Zayn in a way was like my big brother, Liam was my best friend and Niall was like my twin brother, just more immature. "Where's Haz?" Louis asked

"I think he was waiting on Jada to be ready." Liam replied

Just then the door opened again and Harry came in, holding Jada's hand and pulling her along. "Hey there little one." Harry said and I frowned at him. 

He called me little one because I was so short and he was extremely tall. "Hello giant." I said 

"Oh come on I'm not that tall, you're just that short." 

"I'm average for an eighteen year old girl." 

"Fine" he said hugging me 

The boys and I were all really close and they all liked to hug me as a greeting and I didn't mind it. "Boobear!" Harry yelled as he hugged Louis 

"Hi Haz." He said back

Louis and Harry weren't allowed to act like best friends in public because of Larry Stylinson rumors. But once we were in private they were best friends again. The boys all sat on the couch and Louis basically made me sit on the couch. Jada was sitting squished between Harry and Niall. Niall liked to frustrate Harry and jokingly flirt with Jada and she played along until Harry started hitting Niall. Then she would punch Harry and he always just laughed at her week punch. "Jada, I'll show you how to punch." I said pulling Harry up off the couch.

"Don't hurt him." Jada said

"No promises." I laughed

Harry nodded to tell he was ready and I punch him in the stomach as hard as I could. I had never been weak so I wasn't now. Harry fell on his knees and stood back up after a minute. "If you weren't pregnant I would punch you back but since you are and Lou would kill me if I did, I'll wait."

"So I take it that hurt." 

"That hurt like hell."

I laughed for a minute before sitting back on Louis' lap. Louis was laughing his ass of at Harry. "Harry just got beat up by a pregnant girl" Niall cheered

"You want to try?" I asked him

"I'd prefer to not throw up my guts." 

"I'll take you." Zayn said

I stood up after Zayn did but I didn't really want to hurt him. "You sure you want to?"

He nodded and I punched him as hard as I could and he just stood there for a second. My jaw dropped but then the pain hit him and he fell on the ground." Ok babe, no more damaging my mates." Louis said pulling me back onto his lap after helping Zayn up.

“Hey he asked for it and I was demonstrating with Harry.”

“You just caught me off guard, that’s all.” Harry whined

“I know you stomach didn’t firm up to protect yourself.” I said laughing

“You could never do that to Harry when he was prepared.” Louis said

“When I’m not pregnant I guess we will find out.” I said

Liam who had been very quiet finally said something. “I’m supposed to remind you guys that we have to go on tour a few months after we get back from America.”

“Wait what?” I asked in disbelief

“It’s ok babe, it’s only for a little while, you can stay with Jada.” Louis said while rubbing my arm.

“Actually I’m going back to America for a few months when they go on tour.” Jada said

“So I’m going to be left here all alone with two little kids to take care of?”

“Sounds like it.” Niall said and the other boys shot him a look

“You could always just come with us.” Zayn said

“If management let’s us.” Liam pointed out

“We could always just protest against them until they let us bring her.” Niall suggested

“Ok everyone in favor raise your hand.” Harry said

All of the boys hands shot up and then they called management. “Can we bring Bailey and her twins with us on the tour?” Liam asked

The phone was on speaker phone so we could all hear it. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to have little kids on tour with us.” The man replied

“But it’s Louis fiancé and his kids, do you really want his first kids to grow up and think that they don’t have a dad?” Niall commented

“He could visit them and their mom can tell them all about him.” The man said coldly

“Fine then we aren’t coming into the studio or going on tour or to America unless you say she can go on tour with us.” Zayn said

“You don’t mean that Zayn, you are just threatening.”

“The boys and I won’t even leave my house.” Louis said convincingly

“Ugh fine they can come.” The man said angrily

They hung up the phone and we all celebrated. “We did it guys, we beat management!” Niall chirped

Louis kissed me and the room went totally silent. I pulled back and my face must have been bright red from embarrassment. But everyone went back to celebrating and Louis and I went back to kissing. “I love you Lou.”

“I love you too babe.”

Once Louis and I stopped kissing I turned to see Jada and Harry kissing too. I started to giggle quietly so they couldn’t hear me but I think they heard me because Jada pulled back and glared at me. We were all still crowding together on the couch. “I have something I want to tell you guys.” I said

“Tell us.” Liam said anxiously

“I’ve only ever told Louis this but I’m adopted.”

All of their expressions changed, they all looked surprised to hear that. “That’s weird, I had a sister who my parents put up for adoption.” Liam said

“Yeah that is weird, maybe you guys are long lost siblings!” Niall said

“I doubt it but I’m going to find my birth certificate and find out who my birth parents are.”

“And we will all help you find out.” Harry said

“This sounds like it will be fun.” Zayn said

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