Your In A GANG??!!

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After we got off of the plane Lee Lee and  decided to just catch a ride with Tony in his car. It turns out that he was in Tampa, FL on a visit to his grandparents for Thanksgiving and was on his way home when he saw us. "how did your car get here?" I asked hooking my arm with his. Leelee did the same and I swear I saw some guys glaring at my Tony. I think he saw it too because he just shrugged and tried to slip his arms from our grasps. The thought made me angry. Keeping his arm connected to mine I turned my glare to the boys. They winked at me and mouthed the words loser pointing to Tony then they beckoned for us to come to them. I looked over at Leelee to see her already looking at me. The mishef in her purple almond shaped eyes making them shine. Suddenly we forced Him to stop right in front of the group of boys. Reaching up on our tip toes we kissed Tony on both sides of his cheeks and wrapped his arm around our waists. We then led a flustered  Tony to the parking lot, only looking back to send a wink to the now red faced boys


"I still can't believe yall just did that! Do you know who that is? Well of course you don't.. Uve been on Puerto Rico for 7 years. Well I'll give you a hint, they aren't anyone to mess wit.  Great now their gonna put me through extra hell tommorrow in school. It's not your guys fault you didn't know. " It was 20 minutes into the drive and Tony was still rambling nervously on and on about what happened at the airport. Leelee and I shared looks and I covered his mouth. He looked at me like I was crazy" keep it up and I'm covering eyes next " but I'm driving" his voice was incredulous but muffled by my hand. I just gave him a look. I kept it that way until we arrived at my house. Then I slowly uncovered his mouth. "now tell us what is so scary about these guys?" leelee voice was reassuring as she rubbed his shoulders. "well not only are they the most popular guys in school.. But they are in your brothers gang." leelee s hands stilled on tonys shoulder.  "my brothers what?!?" his eyes widened. "you mean.. Yall didn't kno?" I could feel my face turning red. "Algaia! Vamonos!" I practically screamed as I threw open the car door and marched up to my door. I pounded on it hard but not too hard I didn't wanna break the door, it didn't lie to us or keep any secrets while we were away. I could hear footsteps running to the doors. I waited impatiently for him to unlock the door revealing my brother Flynn with a big smile in his face. "welcome home, hijas!" he said. Obviously too happy to notice our glares. Suddenly, my hand reached out and slapped his arm hard.  I know it didn't hurt him physically but his eyes still showed hurt. "Wha-" Leelee interrupted him with her loud mouth. "Your in a GANG??!!"

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