*Toms POV*

"Hello?" I say into the house phone. I notice my pillow is on the floor and the sheets are wrapped around my legs.

"Tom! Where the hell are you! The show starts in 40 minutes!"

I jump out of bed but the blanket causes me to fall on the floor. I had set my alarm, how did I over sleep? I grab my phone from the dresser and press the lockscreen. Sure enough, the low battery symbol blinks on my screen. Great.

"I'm on my way!" I hang up the phone. I run around and attempt to put on some sweats at the same time. I grab a plain black t-shirt and quickly pull it over my head. I look like a complete mess. Good thing they just hired a make-up/wardrobe person cause it would be truly embarrassing to go on the show looking like this.

I try to grab anything I may need in a maximum of 2 minutes. Watch, sun glasses, charger, keys. Okay got it.

I run out the door and soon enough i'm at the bottom of the building. Wait, my car is at the shop. I need to call a cab! What a disaster!

The clouds are grey and i can feel the autumn air around me. "Why didn't i bring a hoodie?" I thought. I see cabs pass by but none seem to notice the 6 foot man jumping and waving his arms in the air.

I finally get a cab and quickly tell him the address. I try to calm myself down during the ride. I'm telling myself everything will be okay when the car stops.

"Sorry, sir. But there was an accident here so the traffic i terrible! We won't be getting out of here soon." The cab driver tells me, it almost seemed like he was afraid to tell me. He must've sensed I was in such a rush.

I look through the front windshield and sure enough there is a huge traffic jam. The small street is full of cars and on the sides are small stands selling fruit. The tight buildings around the street blocks anyway around this. I guess i have to walk the rest of the day. It's just three blocks.

"Thank you, sir!" I quickly pay the cab driver and start jogging down the side walk.

I try to unlock my phone but the battery is still drained. Well what did I expect, for my phone to just magically- wait, I LEFT MY CHARGER IN THE CAB! Just my luck.

I keep jogging. There is no time to go back. I'll borrow someones charger.

I have two more blocks left to get to the set when I feel something on my cheek... then on my arm. Soon i'm in the middle of pouring rain. "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!" I half scream to myself. I should have really brought that hoodie.

I keep going and finally make it, fifteen minutes before two.

"Lets get this over with."

A/N: sorry these last chapters have been short but i plan on making up for that soon. Brooke and Tom will finally meet!

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