chapter two

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    I looked at the clock and saw that it was 1:27 i thanked God I was in collage and only had one class today. After taking two aspirins I got ready for school. I picked up my rolling stone shirt and put it on then pulled on the first pair of skinny jeans I could find. I then walked out and headed to maths. I sat down next to Zayn, my best friend.

   "So I heard you got a nice fuck last night," He said with a chuckle.

   "Jesus Zayn its not my fault I can actually get some while you can't" I joked, after all he did have a girlfriend.

He let out a small laugh and took out his laptop. I took out my phone.

    "Oh my God Harry is that you!" A blonde girl said to me as she sat down.

    "Yeah and you are um um hannah?" I responded with uncertainty in my voice.

    "No, its me Megan," She continued, "Don't you remember me, after the football game, you had just scored the winning touchdown and we went into the locker room, and we um you know against the lockers."

     I looked to Zayn for help but he was on the verge of laughter. I still didn't look at her I mean I didn't remember the girl and she was convinced I did.

    Thankfully the class started and she was forced to shut up. I pretended to pay attention but I honestly could not care less about what tbe square route of 1,356 was. The class soon ended but it could not have taken longer. I went back to my apartment well it was really a dorm but I preferred to call it an apartment. Niall, my roommate, was sat on the couch with a bag of cheetos, a beer in his hand, while watching football. I took a bottle out of the cooler and sat down next to the blond boy.

    "Who's winning?" I asked taking a sip.

    "We sure aren't."

    "We haven't won a game in almost a month now," I commented

    "If we don't win one soon we'll be out of the running for the championships," he mumbled.

    After a good forty minutes the game was over and we lost 2-7.

    Within a span of three hours Zayn came over and told us about a party being thrown by the local frat house. Niall and I both agreed to go and now I was sitting on the couch again waiting for Niall to get ready.

   "Fucking hell Niall are you getting ready for your goddamn wedding," I yelled.

   I heard his laugh from the bathroom but no other response. In another fifteen minutes he was ready and we were in the car.

    I drove down to the house and soon the aroma of sex and alcohol welcomed me. I walked to the couch were two girls were sat each wearing extra short tight dresses. They each looked at each other and got up. I soon recognized them as the pair that I had been able to convince into doing a threesome. I rolled my eyes and found an unopened can of beer and began to enjoy myself. Soon I was playing an intense game of beer pong with some guy named Liam. After twenty minutes of playing I won and he was soon drunk but I began to like this guy. I got him a beer and we began to talk turns out we had a lot in common.

   By the end of night he'd gone home with a girl who I helped him talk to her name was Sophia, I think. After he left I found Zayn with his girlfriend Perrie and I had to admit she was way out of his league. I wouldn't mind talking her home and seeing what that nice mouth pf hers could do or how hot she'd look screaming my name. I forced myself to think of something else and sat down next to them.

   "So Harry what a surprise you're still here or not in a bed," Perrie joked

   "Well I just haven't found someone who fits my standards," I replied

   "What's your type drunk and big boobs, with an ass?" Zayn chuckled

   "That sounds about right," I retorted making us all laugh.

   Soon Zayn and Perrie had left and I was alone due to the fact that Niall had taken some brown haired girl upstairs.

   As I was about to leave a short little blonde haired blue eyed girl came and sat next to me.

  "You're Harry right?" She asked

  "Yeah, why."

  "You see that that guy over there?"

  "Blue eyes brown hair shorter than about as tall as a twelve year old?" I asked nodding.

  "Yeah, his names Louis well you see he just dumped me and I'd like to make him jealous, but I'd also like a good time and I've heard thats your specialty," She stated sitting closer to me.

  "You've come to the right guy," I smirked.

  "By the way my names Jenna," she said before straddling me and puttinh my hands on her hips.

  I could tell he was jealous and soon I was driving Jenna home, besides Niall could get his own ride here, and soon I had her screaming my name so loud you could hear from across the campas.

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