Sky's POV


  Ty's laugh was like music to me... Ah, Notch, stop thinking about that! Finally I let the furious kid go. He got up and dusted himself off angrily, glaring at me the entire time. He was so adorable, trying to act tough and stuff. It reminded me of myself when I was younger, and when Ty was still here. I got up and helped Ty up, and he immediately stumbled towards an expensive vase. I caught him before he fell, wrapping my arms around his waist and pulling him up. I could see his face flush, probably embarassment from almost falling and me having to save him- again.

  "So, what's your name?" I asked the kid, who was still glaring at me. He crossed his arms and sowled. "Nate," he muttered after a moment. I smiled brightly at the twerp. "My name's Sky," I said. "This is Ty." Nate rolled his eyes. "I don't care," he spat. "What kind of name is Sky, anyways?" I shrugged, not caring about his attitude. "Take it up with my mom," I replied. He glared at Ty. "And Ty? That's a stupid name."

  Anger rose in me with this sentence. "Nate's a stupid name, too," I muttered. Ty put a hand on my shoulder, and I turned to see him shake his head. "He's just a stupid kid," he muttered to me. I relaxed immediately. Nate frowned at us and walked off to the living room, I guess. "How long do we have this dickhead?" Ty mumbled softly, his breath on my ear. I checked the paper. "From now to 10," I sighed. "But his bedtime's 7." Ty took a deep breath and turned to the living room. "Well, let's do this," he sighed.


Ty's POV

  I flopped onto the couch and sighed. Nate was a handful. I glanced at the clock on the wall, and it was only 8 in the evening. Nate was in bed, after a lot of yelling, screaming, biting and death threats (mostly from Nate, but a couple from Sky). Speaking of Sky, he was sitting next to me, half asleep. I groaned as the exhaustion settled in. I leaned over and rested my head on Sky's shoulder, and I felt him stiffen. "T-Ty?" he asked, his voice squeaking. I felt him relax again, then he rested his head on mine.

  A slam made us both jump. It came from upstairs. Sky looked at me, eyes wide. "What was that?" he whispered. We both ran out of the room and upstairs. "Nate?" Sky called as we opened his bedroom door. The bed was empty, and the window was open. I froze, heart in my throat.Sky looked just as upset as I felt. "Nate's gone," I whispered. "He's a six year old kid, outside, in the dark with creepers and zombies." Sky summed up the situation in one word.


  We both thundered downstairs. "He's just a kid," Sky reasoned as he grabbed his stone sword he had brought. "Stick with me, he couldn't have gone far." I nodded as we ran out of the door and into the darkness. We looked for hours in the woods, but there was no sign of Nate. We made a full circle around the house, but we couldn't find anything. "Nate!" Sky yelled as we walked deeper into the woods. "Where are you!?"

  A short yell answered us. We glanced at each other. "Nate!" we exclaimed, running towards the noise. After a few minutes we found the young boy, but something else had found him first. He crouched against the stone wall of the mountain, eyes wide with alarm as he stared up at the figure in front of him. An Enderman had him cornered. "Nate!" I yelled. He looked over at me, terrified. "Don't look at it!" I ordered. It was too late.

  The Enderman flew at Nate, but Sky threw himself between the defenseless boy and the mob. "Run!" he yelled at me before hitting the Enderman with his sword. I grabbed Nate's hand and we ran back to the house. We stood in the living room, Nate trembling and not nearly as hotheaded as he had been. "Stay here," I ordered as I grabbed a stone sword from near the door. "W-Where are you going!?" he cried. "To help Sky," I replied. "That Enderman won't leave him alone until it's dead."

  I ran off to Sky's aid. When I arrived, Sky was on the ground, scratches covering his arms, legs and face. "Sky!" I yelled as the Enderman went to bite him, revealing sharp teeth. It sank its teeth into Sky's shoulder, and he screamed in pain. I ran forward and hit the Enderman on the back of the head. It immediately died. Sky must've had it to one hit left. I ran to Sky's side and looked at the bite. It was glowing purple, and bleeding heavily. Sky's breathing was shallow.

  I lifted my head at the sound of a hiss. I had to get to safety, now, or Sky and I would be dead. I quickly threw him around my shoulders and started running back to the house. He was heavy, but the thought of him dying fueled me. I wouldn't live if he died. I couldn't. I made it to the house and opened the door with a bang. Nate jumped and stared at Sky's wound. "Is he okay?" he gasped. I shook my head. "Get help!" I snapped. "Call an ambulance!"

  He ran off as I laid Sky on the couch. "Please be okay," I whispered as I clutched his hand. His breathing was troubled, stressed. I pushed some hair off his forehead. "Please."

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