I woke at about noon the next day, which was terribly odd for me. I could usually sleep throughout the entire day-light hours, but something new kept me from my slumber.

I sighed as I sat up on my wooden table and glanced around my tiny cabin. It was an one room log-cabin in middle of the forest. It was cozy with a six-foot oak table and two wooden chairs on one side, while an old couch on the other side. Normal people would have had a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bed; but being a vampire meant I had no need for that sort of stuff.

I stretched as I slid my legs off the table; then I stood and walked over to my little basket of clothes that I kept in the corner. I pulled out my favorite outfit, consisting of a black tank, torn jeans, and an onyx sweatshirt. I slipped them on and threw the hood over my hair.

I opened the door and hurried through the trees. Unlike the stories and myths, vampires could be in the sunlight as long as we had recently consumed blood; so my travels weren't ever delayed by the sun hours. I was headed towards town with a few thoughts of my next meal. Maybe this time I would feast on someone younger, they were juicier that way.

I stepped out of the woods and onto the dirt path in the park. Police and a few other humans were investigating the remains of my last meal. I walked around them, appearing to be interested in the dead; when truly all I cared about was the living. It was truly too bad that there was too many people around to allow me to snack there and then.

I continued along the path until I reached the iron gates to the entrance of the park. I quickly touched the cold iron bars as an elderly couple pass by. I watched them hungrily, but I craved something more tender.

I turned onto the road and pass by some lonely shops. I hurried down the black-top toward my favorite outdoor cafe. I strolled up to the counter and was quickly greeted by a cheerful waitress. I ordered a mocha and when she asked how I would like to pay, I just stared into her eyes and thought, 'It's on the house. It's on the house.'

"It's on the house," she mumbled with a large smile as she passed the mocha over.

I grabbed it, enjoying the warmth on my fingers; then I carried it over to the farthest table and seated myself there. I stirred my drink as I watched for my next meal.

A girl started toward the cafe counter and I immediately locked my gaze onto her. She had shoulder-length brown hair and her eyes seemed to glitter as she glanced by me. She received her drink and quickly headed back the way she came.

I decided quickly that she was the one; so I jumped to my feet and followed her, while totally forgetting all about my undrank mocha. She walked into an alley to use as a shortcut and I easily crept up behind her. When I was just mere inches from her, I took her in her aroma and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I just couldn't kill her, no matter how much of a monster I was.

She must have felt me stop because she halted a few steps ahead, but she never saw me as she turned around. I hid in a nearby doorway, while she shrugged and hurried home.

I stood there, remembering her scent and her long brown hair; but that memory was interrupted by a jock entering the alley. I rushed out and slammed him into the brick wall, killing him in a instant. After consuming every drop, I left him there and started back to my cabin, picturing the girl that I didn't kill. I was still a monster, but what made me refuse to be her murderer?


Authors' note

My sister and I are hoping you are enjoying our little tale. If you think of any great ideas or find a mistake, please let us know by either messaging myself-icestare or my sis-irispetal.

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