I have done the FAITH PICK! :D

And fate has chosen.......

*Dramatic Pause*

*Drum Roll*

DALLAS! (musicismylife211) :P 

The next chosen one iiiiiiiiisssssss......

*Dramatic Pause*

*Le Drum Roll*

TWILIGHT! (Twi_Sprinkles06) :D

And the last one that fate has decided on iiiiiiiiissssssss....

*Dramatic Pause*

*Another Unnecessary Drum Roll*

MIRANDA! (MiMi_Jewels) :P

Sorry to those of you those of you that didn't get picked :/ But on the bright side, I'll allow guest appearances from time to time, so you can look forward to that! :D

Other than that, thank you guys for all the reads, comments, and votes! YOU GUYS ARE ALL SO FREAKIN' AWESOME! I WISH I COULD HUG ALL OF YOU AND THANK YOU PERSONALLY! I'll update sometime this week. ^.^

**Note to Miranda and Twilight: Make my life easier by getting your butt's off of Instagram and MAKE A WATTPAD ACCOUNT! >:P Thank you xD**

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