Chapter 36

Time files by...

He holds up the sonogram photo, it was the last one I took. I sighed, "Adam," 

"You went to the screening without me?" I closed my eyes and covered my mouth, "Adam there's something I have to tell you about the-" 

"Knock, Knock!" I was thankful for the door; Adam didn't move until later and left the room. I shot for the bed and took off the sheets, he couldn't know about this. That I have a weak cervix, there's just too much resting on this. 

I leave the room and see him at the door, "Adam could we talk?" I asked but he was gone. I walked back into the room. I looked around and covered my mouth to prevent myself from losing it.

I had to see my doctor. 


I rushed through the darkness and made it to the back and flew up the stairs and opened the door to see her working hard on something. She smiled when she saw me, "Luna how may I be of help today?" 

"I need you to check my baby again," 


"JUST do it," I growled, I wasn't in the mood or had the patience for her voice. 

She went to work, while I removed my jacket and placed my purse along with it on a nearby chair. I sat on the bed and swung my legs on the bed and lay down.

She raised the bed up some, so I was sitting up some. 

I lifted my stomach and waited, "Oh Luna I'm sorry to tell you that there's no heartbeat, your cervix is very fragile. No sex, alcohol, or drugs for 6 weeks," She warned but it went in one ear and came out the other.

"Doctor don't tell the Alpha, let me do it." She nodded and moved aside back to her desk. I stared at the machine and saw nothing; it was empty just like me. We weren't getting the house now, Adam would be hurt, and the pack would be hurt.

I don't know what to do anymore; I can't tell him because he has Mason on his ass. I can't go; I got up and got my things. I tried to rack my brain for some clues but I couldn’t think of anything. I really just wanted my child and everything would be great.

Adam's POV

"Okay so the pack hasn't let up yet," I said rubbing the back of my neck. Right now I would be home being served tea and getting a back rub from Sh'lera and she would kiss my neck tenderly but right now things were on the rocks. There was something in the air that I just felt; this pack being in outrage was it. 

It's affecting Sh'lera and the baby, the kids aren't allowed home or at school while we're going through this. I still didn't understand how Sh'lera went out to her screening with me; we still had that to talk about as soon as I get back from this urgent meeting. 

"Alpha," A small voice said behind me. I turned around to see a dark cloaked woman; she was a full figured woman. When she lifted her head slightly and removed the hood her familiar scent filled the air. 


"What are you doing here?" I asked worried, "The pack is dying; Tyler doesn't want to see me. He's joined forces with his brother and wants her. I couldn't take it, being rejected. I don't have any other place to go please Alpha, Alpha Adam please let me stay with you. Just until I'm able to get back on my feet at least," She begged walking over to me and placing her hands on my chest. 

I was tempted I wasn't going to lie this was my mate after all. "Not at this moment, come with me and let me think on it." I hesitated after a second. She nodded and got her small bag and followed me. 

I mind linked Violet to keep Jean busy while I deal with some business. I saw Noah running towards me. "Adam its Jess," He panted heavily wiping at his forehead. I haven't seen Noah in 3 days perhaps give or take. 

"Noah what wrong?" 

"Jess! It's Jess! Labor! Come on!" 

My mind instantly thought of Sh'lera and her week long intensive birth. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone after I saw her suffer each day; I bolted to the hospital along with Jean led by Noah.

Once we made it to the hospital pack building, we went along the empty halls and we saw some friends and family. Noah went inside and I looked at Jean, "I know stay here, don't worry I'm not going anywhere," 

I went inside saw Jess; all I could say is that she made me speechless. Her skin was blotchy for starters, white patches on her face along with a strong odor of rotting corpse. Her hair was fried and stuck to her face which was sweaty as well. 

Her eyes were sunken in, dark orbs, not longer happy, cheerful, and full of life. She basically looked dead. Noah just looked worried and pale at the same time. His arms were folded as he stared at Jess go through spasms along with severe shakes. 

She looked revolting,

I was only in their 10 minutes now and every few seconds her heart rate would jump super fast and then slow down to where life support went off as if she had just died. Noah closed his eyes and endured her blood curdling screams. 

I held him by the shoulders and led him outside, and there he breathed as if lost of air in there. I will admit it was a graphic scene. "Noah what's going on?" 

"A few days ago her water broke, or so we thought. She went through what she claimed were her contractions. Then she stood straight up and said she was perfectly fine. We went to the hospital and then checked her out perfectly fine, they said it was excitement. We went home and didn't leave the house; I was worried and knew something was odd. A few days later, I got off of work to get a call from the doctor saying that I needed to get to the hospital." 

He takes a seat and sighs, "I thought she would be going through the same thing as Sh'lera. When I got there she was the loudest patience, She was screaming, the nurse told me that she was showing signs of abnormal something. It's something inside of Jess; her last miscarriage makes it easy for her to have another. But this wasn't a miscarriage. We don't have a clue what's wrong with her." 

"How long has she been like this?" 

Noah was silent looking straight ahead and ignoring me. I tried to keep my patience but it was wearing thin. "Noah," 

"A soon as she said my water broke." 

"So you never checked her body?" 

"It got worst, she never told me. Her guilt was making her hold back about her problems about this pain. It's my fault because I wasn't there for her like she said in her letter. I let her down, now she's gonna die and I-" His voice cracks and I sling my arm around him and support him. 

"Jess is a strong girl she'll pull through I know it." I whispered knowing it was true, but I did have doubt. 







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