Opening my eyes, I could feel my body recovering from whatever had happened."Well Goodmorning, love. I brought you a tasty breakfast" Walking out from behind the corner of my cell was a familiar figure he just seemed uncut. "James?" I asked shivering from the cold seeping through the stone walls. "Yeah Benji it's m-" He couldn't finish responding due to the fact that I ran into his arms knocking the food tray out of his hands. I could feel the warmth of his hands even through my wet tank top, I began to warm up slightly. "I apologize for the inconvenient room. My second in command was injured on his way back from rescuing you. So he had to stop here." I pushed away from James " Your second in command is that man who abducted me? Does that mean you are the alpha?" I yelled. I ran through the door just on pure adrenaline, No one I can trust, I need fresh air. A large, warm hand grabbed my upper arm effectively stopping me from running through the doors. "We are not the monsters, we stop the monsters. In fact we have one locked in our cage, would you like to see him?"

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