Chapter 27:

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Chapter 27

"How do I look?" I announce from the bathroom door, leaning against the doorframe. Harry and I are some of the star guests to the Premiere of my dads movie, TheWillows Cry. I wear my hair down in a above-the-knee black material dress with gold piping down the side, black stilettos to match. Harry turns from his position on the bed watching tv to look at me, his mouth falling half open. He wears a dashing black suit, hair slicked up and a matching tie fitting around his neck. He looks absolutely gorgeous.

"-Stunning." His lips folding up at the corners into a bright smile. He reaches me, pulling me close to him with his hands resting on my hips. "Are you healed up?"

I glance at a few of my blemishes from the incident just a week before. "Not completely, but that's what makeups for.." I sing the last part, tapping his nose and walking past him to the mirror. My eyeliner needs just a little touch up since it was the first to be applied. I bend over in front of it, making sure not to mess up.

"You don't need it, you know." He says and I scoff. He says that like any guy would, its so cheesy I'd never believe it. My insecurity originates when nothing at all is on my face, I can do with just red lip but I have to have something to distract when I dont.

"Okay.. sure." I laugh into the mirror, glancing up to see Harry in the reflection. Before he has a chance to retaliate I spin on my heel, pop my lips together to test my lipstick and look expectantly at him. "You look quite dashing tonight, by the way."

He looks away and then back to me, looking somewhat annoyed. "Don't change the subject. I don't think you know how beautiful you are." He walks towards me, slowly backing me into the makeup table.

"Harry." I plea quietly.

"You.." A kiss to my neck. ".Are.." A kiss to my jaw. "" A kiss to my cheek. "..beautiful." He places a lingering kiss to my lips, the words playing off his lips and onto mine, trying to emb them to my brain. Without hesitation I kiss him back, we haven't truly, deeply kissed in at least a week and I've missed it. I know he's been trying to hold his reactions and wants in for my sake and how hard that is for him.

"We better get going." I mumble against his lips then burst out laughing. "You-you better g-get your face cleaned up before w-e go, you look like a clown!"

His whole mouth has red lip spread across it, causing me to blush bright red in the midst of my laughter. He uses his sleeve to wipe his mouth without success. "Making me look like a fool again." He murmurs with a smirk, teasing with me as he makes his way to the bathroom. I reapply another coat of lipstick before we head on to the premiere.

"I'm not really good at this kinda stuff, Har." I whisper to him as our car pulls up at the red carpet. He squeezes my hand tightly, locking our fingers together.

"Just stay close to me and keep smiling, oh and don't listen to anything the Paps say but you probably already have learned that." He explains as our door opens and Harry gets out, taking the door duties from the driver. He nods to him as cameras flash, Harry offering his hand to me as I slide out. I take it and smile warmly at him, plastering on the smile right as we meet the background.

Harry loops his arm around my waist, turning every few moments and directing me silently. He whispers little things to keep my laughing in my ear, which really are funny, not just play. Finally, we are called from the station, his arm tightly wrapping around my waist protectively.

Harrys fans stand in wait, screaming their heads off by a barrier. Unsure, I stand back and smile as he goes to meet some, a bit shy to speak to the people that wanted my husband as their own.

"Tay, what are you doing? Come over here, I want you to meet my fans!" He shouts with a grin. Many of the girls groan and glare at me when they think I'm not looking. I hear a few talking about how I don't fill out the dress. A group of 3 other girls scoff, which I overhear them "See, he has to call her over for her to even care to talk to his fans." I sigh down at the ground, turning to them.

"Hi, I'm sorry I didn't come over to say hello, I was a bit nervous that y'all wouldn't want me here intruding on meeting Harry. I didn't meet to offend you so pardon if I did." I say politely, holding onto one of Harrys hands that's behind his back. He glances at me, flashing a cute smile. I half smile grin back.

They look flustered that I heard them, uttering a blurring of "sorry", "so sorry," "we didn't mean to".

After awhile of talking to fans, we enter the premiere, finally getting to reunite with Harrys friends. Tom greets us as we enter, shaking his hand and hugging me tightly. Angelina follows closely behind, hugging both of us and inviting us to sit next to them. I scan the room for my dad without success, he must be watching with the producers upstairs. Harrys arm drops around my shoulder as it starts, yawning into the cheesy movie move. I roll my eyes at him.

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