chapter 36

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Last chapter here we go :)

I shot up out of bed and I looked around to see it was my room. I looked at the clock it read 3:00 AM. I looked around again to make sure it was my room. I walked out into the hall and heard my dad snoring and my mom in the living room smoking and drinking as usually. I walked back into my room grabbed my dream journal and wrote down my dream as fast as I could. The whole moving to Ireland, Meeting that boy named Niall, becoming famous, everything. I laid back in bed. That was the weirdest dream I’ve ever had. It felt so real the pain, the joy, that kiss. I ran my fingers across my lips when suddenly my alarm clock went off. I looked at it and it said 7 AM. I had been thinking about that dream for 3 hours! But it only felt like 3 seconds. I slowly got up and took a cold shower trying to bring myself back to reality. I threw on some blue skinny jeans, my brown ugg boots, a black tank top and my Alice in Wonderland sweater. I looked in the mirror and then realized this is exactly what I wore in my dream. I just brushed it off and went down stairs as I did every morning. I sat at the table and grabbed a green apple. I ate it and sat in silence as my parents slowly walked down the stairs and that was my queue to go. I began to walk put the door. When my dad came up to me and stopped me. “say goodbye to your friends today were moving to Ireland Tomorrow” I looked at him and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I didn’t want to make the same mistake like I did in the dream so I just slowly turned around and walked to my car. I got in and began my drive to school. What is going on here? I mean this is just crazy this cant really be happening. I mean it was just all a dream! Wasn’t it? Before I knew it I was at school in the parking lot. This can’t be happening to me. I got out and ran around looking for my best friend! But not Lauren… I ran looking for my other best friend Joyce. I found her talking to Lauren and I ran up and hugged her. She looked at me like I was stupid. “umm why are you touching me!” she said laughing but hugged back. “im moving tomorrow and I wanted to let you know that I love you so much! And I just never want to lose you!” I said hugging her again. “YOUR MOVING?!” “yes to Ireland! But listen I need your help with something and I want to spend the rest of the day with you cause your my best friend!” Lauren cleared her throat and me and joyce turned to her. “you know Isabella im here too!” “yeah well sucks to suck Lauren Joyce is my best friend and because of you! you have pulled us apart. Well not anymore! Goodbye Lauren!” I grabbed Joyces hand and Dragged her to my car! We got in and she looked at like I was crazy! “who are you and what have you done with Isabella?!” “Listen I need your help!” “okay whats up?” I pulled up to a old Dinner and me and joyce went in and sat down. “okay well I know you know people and they can do a lot of things and I need your help for when I move to ireland.” I said. “okay well what do you need? I can get pretty much anything done” she said smiling proudly. “okay so hears the plan….”

I dropped joyce off at her house and headed home. We spent the whole day hanging out and talking about our plan for when I move to Ireland. I opened the door to find my mother drunk on the couch she came up to me and began to yell “WHY WERENT YOU AT SCHOLL?” She moved to slap me but I blocked the hit. She looked at me in shock and tried to grab my hair but I moved so her hand hit the wall behind me. She let out a yelp and held her hand. “im going to go pack mother dear” I gave her a mocking smile and walked up to my room. I skyped joyce and we continued to talk about the plan to make sure everything was going to go as planned. “Izzy can I ask you something?” I nodded and she spoke. “why do you need me to do this?” I looked at her with a blank face and began to tell her my dream. At the end she laughed at me saying I was crazy but said if that really happened I could eat her food whenever I wanted! I looked at my clock and realized it was late. I looked at her and gave a sad smile. “you have to go don’t you?” she said as tears filled her eyes. “yeah “ I said softly as tears also filled mine. “I guess this is goodbye?” she asked tears falling. “no. this isn’t goodbye only see you later” I gave her a sad smile and let a single tear fall down my face and hung up. I laid in my bed and feel into a dreamless sleep.

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