Pregnancy Series

How You Tell Him

Louis- You stared at one of the tests for several minutes before you heard someone knock on the bathroom door. "Y/N? You ok in there?" Louis asked and when you were unresponsive, he tried opening the door but it was locked so he kept shouting your name but you ignored him. A baby. You are going to be a mom and Louis is going to be a dad. You sat there, amazed by the results that you barely noticed Louis pounding on the door. You looked towards the door and gasped when you saw Louis trying to break it down. "Holy shit Lou, stop!!" You shouted and the pounded stop when the door fell on top of you. You shrieked and fell to the floor and you felt like the door was suffocating you so you guessed Louis was on top of it. "Baby!! Are you ok?!" Louis shouted as he lifted the door up and leaned it against the sink. "Baby?! Say something!!" He yelled and you opened your eyes and looked him in the eye. "You are a fucking psychopath Lou," you groaned and Louis picked you up and brought you to your room. "Babe, are you ok? Does anything hurt?" He asked and you shook your head and remembered the tests that were still in the bathroom. You shot up and darted for the bathroom so that Louis couldn't find out. "Babe, I saw the tests." Louis said and you turned to face him. "How?" You asked and Louis smiled. "When I was putting the door against the sink, I saw the four positive pregnancy tests." He explained and you sighed. "I understand if you want to leave Lou, I wouldn't blame you." You whispered and you heard Louis run over to you and kneel down. "Baby, I'm never leaving!! Please don't ever think that! I am thrilled!! I mean, I'm gonna be a daddy." He said and you smiled at him. "And I'm gonna be a mommy." You said and Louis stood up and pulled you close to him and looked you in the eyes. "I love you so much babe." Louis said and you smiled at him. "I love you too Lou." You said and you saw Louis' eyes widen. "When the door fell, did it hit your stomach?" He panicked and you chuckled at him. "You hit my side Lou, not my stomach." You said and he sighed in relief and he brought you over to your shared bed. "Here love, lay down and I will get an ice pack for your hip. We don't want anything to ache while you are pregnant now do we?" He smiled and you smiled at him and nodded. For the rest of the day, Louis held an ice pack to your side and you two had fun watching movies and every now and then, Louis would sneak in a kiss, telling you how happy he was.

Harry- You walked up to your flat door and opened the door to see Harry waiting for you. "Babe!! This is early!!" He said and you smiled at him and sat on his lap. "I love you Harry, I need you to promise me something." You said and Harry nodded. "Please don't leave me." You said and Harry put his two fingers on your chin and made you look at him. "I will never leave you baby, I don't ever think about it and I never will. Why would you think that?" He asked and you started to cry. "Please baby, tell me whats wrong so that I can help you." He pleaded and you shook your head. "You'll leave me Harry, I know it." You cried and he made you look you into his eyes."Y/N, please believe me when I say I won't leave you. You are the main inspiration for me to wake up everyday, you make the room light up when you walk in, when you kiss me, it really has a major effect, and most importantly, you are the love of my life. I will never let you go babe, I promise." He said and you wrapped your arms around his neck and said "I'm pregnant with your baby." Harry froze in your arms and you pulled away from his neck to see him with wide eyes. "I knew it!! You are leaving me!!" You cried and you ran upstairs to your shared room and locked the door. "Y/N!! Open the door!!!" He shouted as he pounded against the door and you cried into your forearms. You heard Harry pleading for you to open the door but you weren't going to open it. "Baby, please open the door." He said and you heard his voice crack at the end. You sat on the wall closes to the door and imagine multiple scenarios of having a baby with Harry until you heard Harry start to sing "Without You".
I can't win, I can't reign
I will never win this game
Without you, without you
I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same
Without you, without you

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