chapter 15

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Sally's POV

"Did you guys notice that Darry has a normal name than you guys have different names and then I have a normal name?" I asked them, we were all sitting around the table eating breakfast at this point.

"will mom and dad never named you" sodapop said,

"they didn't?" I questioned,

"no because your adopted" ponyboy said,

"no I'm not" I shouted,

"yeah ya are" Darry said,

"I don't believe you guys" I said crossing my arks over my chest,

"Fine, don't believe us, but we all know its the truth don't we boys?" Darry said to everyone,

"yeah its true" two-bit said,

"No your lyin!" I shouted,

" Now would I ever lie to you?" Steve smirked, I glared at him,

"No kiddo were just messing with ya" ponyboy blurted, sodapop elbowed him in the gut,

"owe what was that for?" he said holding his gut,

"you weren't suppose to tell her" soda said,

"I'm sorry I just hate lying to her" ponyboy explained,

"idiot!" Steve muttered,

"I'm not an idiot" ponyboy defended,

" whatever you say" Steve said,

"guys, I never fell for it anyway" I said,

later that day

"cool bike!" scar said,

"thanks my brothers and his friends got it for me" I smiled,

"awesome!" she said,

"so wanna head back to my house?" I asked her,

"Sure I guess, if you wanna" he said,

"come on then!" I said,

"hey sally!" Two-bit shouted,

"hey two-bit!" I waved,

"who's this lovely lady?" he asked,

"this is Scarlett but you can call her scar, and two-bit can you put my bike in the pan of your truck? so I can walk with scar" I asked him,

"sure" he said and got out of the truck,

"just let me get that....or not" he said has I picked up the bike and put it in the pan. I laughed,

"your a strong one aren't ya" he said,

"yep!" I smiled, he messed up my hair and smiled, he got back in his truck and took off,

"race ya!" I shouted to scar, she smiled and we both ran down the road, by the time we got to my house we were pooped, we stopped by my fence to catch our breath, then I opened the gate and walked in, 

"hey soda, this is Scarlett but you can call her scar" I said to soda who was making out with a girl, he stopped and looked at scar,

"nice to meet ya!" he smiled and started kissing the girl again,

"your such a dog" I said and kicked the bucket out from in under him, he fell to the ground the girl gasped and laughed,

"what was that for?!" he asked/shouted,

"For being rude!" I sassed and walked away,

"your sister is a little diva ain't she?" the girl giggled, I looked back and saw soda on the ground with his eye brows raised,

"you got that right" he smirked, I licked my tongue out at him and he shook his head,

"do you guys always act like that with each other?" scar giggled,

"Yeah, will actually sometimes were worst" I smiled, we walked in the house and Darry was pasting and ponyboy was reading.

"Darry calm down" I giggled, its funny when he is stressed out,

"Calm down! I can't calm down! I can't find my blue prints for my building, and I need them now!" he said,

"Umm Darry, did you look at ponyboy book" I giggled,

"why?" he asked,

"look at his bookmark" I said, he looked and saw his blueprints,

"ponyboy you idiot!" he yelled and took the blueprint and hit him on the head,

"owe!" ponyboy yelled, scar giggled and so did I,

"by the way this is scar" I said,

"hey scar!" ponyboy and Darry smiled,

"Scar ponyboy, ponyboy scar, scar Darry, Darry scar" I said,

"hi" he said shyly,

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