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Ava's POV

My back throbbed. I wegded open my eyes saw Tiff and Dill looking down at me and grinning. I then had a itch on my nose and went to scratch when SPLAT! My hand and face were covered with white foamy stuff. Almost like snow, except snow doesn't have this *sniff sniff* wonderful smell! Dill and Tiff burst out laughing. "It smell so good!" I exclaimed. "Is it edible?" I asked, licking a bit off my hand and proceeding to spit it out, gagging. "Nope!" Tiff laughed. "What was that stuff?!" I spat in disgust. "That, my amigo, was shaving cream." Dill chuckled. I looked at them in mock wariness, saying "What happened?" Dill glanced at Tiff and replied "We're pretty sure you fainted from fangirling." Not the most surprising thing in the world, I mean, we're talking about the biggest YouTube/Minecraft sensations here. Fans would kill me and wear my skin just to get to be in their presence! Then the girls took on a more serious look. "Now, Ava, not meaning to be nosey, but where exactly did you come from?" Dill asked me. I took a deep breath, then told them everything. The blueprints, the house, the portal, all of it. "...then I jumped into the End portal and everything went black. Then I woke up on the bench thingie, and then I saw Dill." I looked down, ashamed of myself. Then I looked back up, expecting to hear the words freak and go away, etc. But instead the girls were wide eyed, faces white. "Wh-what's your player nametag?" Dill asked me. "Uhh... LizardOwl. Why?" Dill and Tiff looked at each other, and scrambled for Tiff's laptop. Dill gestured for me to come over. I looked over Tiff's shoulder and gasped. It was my house, complete with the End Portal on the front lawn. "Is this your house?" Tiff asked me. I nodded, tears welling up in my eyes. Tiff closed her laptop and took my hands while Dill sat beside me, patting my back. By now I was full on bawling, gasping for breath. "Ava." Tiff said firmly. I looked up, my face puffy and my nose runny. "We have something to tell you." Dill added. I looked at Dill, then back to Tiff. "What?" I asked, my voice cracking. "We were once in Minecraft, too. All those youtubers you were fangirling over? They were, too. Why else would anyone have such a passion for gaming?" I gaped at Dill, then at Tiff, then back to Dill. "I-I used to have 2 brothers. Their names were Jordan and Ty. One day they left to visit our parents and never came back. You don't think-" "That CaptainSparklez and Deadlox are you brothers? They have to be!" Dill cut me off. "They always talk about how they vaguely remember a brown haired streak flying around their house when the we're younger!" I smiled, remembering when my hair reached my thighs and my hair was never in a ponytail. Just then the doorbell rang, playing Westminster Chimes. "That would be our guests, wouldn't it?"  I said, grinning. The girls smiled back. "Yep." I glanced out the window and counted 1,2,3,4,5, 6!!! All of them arrived at the same time?!? I couldn't believe my luck. I ran upstairs, calling down "I must cleanse myself! Surprise them!" Tiff called back " Kay! Spare soap and stuff is in the end closet!" Call me a fangirl, but I couldn't let my idols see me like this.

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