It's time to get up in the morning....

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Wake up love.Liam says. Ugh no 5 more minutes I groan. Awe come on love wake up you have to you've got school. No Liam I whine. Awe your like zayn sleepy head. Come on wake up love. No. I say. NIALL!!! He shouts. What niall says. She won't get up. Hmm hey love if ya get up right now you can have nandos for breakfast. OK I say happily. Works every time Liam. Oh ok niall. I get dressed and put in a pink and white jack wills hoodie with my favourite black skinny jeans. I happily run to our food court and order a bunch of food. Haha I win I say to Liam. Ok silly girl whatever. Ok come on let's go love. Ok Liam I say. He drives me to school and I run to my best friend Blossom. We go to class and learn all sorts of boring things. Then it's time to go home. I run to the stables and tack up shamrock. I ride him for a bit then eat dinner and go to sleep.

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