The Truth Hurts.

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The Truth hurts.

So maybe I didn't tell you everything about my self. Jade Alley. If you were wondering why I also call myself Tamara, it's because I like to name my different sides. And no I don't have a split personality or anything,I just like naming things. It's normal right?

I quickly step into my washroom and style my naturally dark brown curly hair and apply so very light concealer to my face, dab on a bit of mascara and apply so quick red tinted lip balm and head to the kitchen.

"Morning sweetie." Says my mom. Most people would say I look like her. Well, you could saw we don't think so. I do have so familiar features but I was always told I looked like both of my parents grandparents put together. Well what do I know? I didn't meet them to be honest. Sure they always went on saying the they both won Miss Russia, back in their time before they moved to Canada. Pleasant. Not really, since I didn't really think that I was pretty, just more Meh.

"Morning Mom." I say as I take my morning tea. "I'm heading to school a bit early today. I've got the big Robotics competition and the backstage of the upcoming play meeting." I say.

"Oh I know sweetie you've been telling us that for the past weeks. Oh and how different you are to your brothers." She says with a faint smile. My mother in the other hand, is a very beautiful woman but a tad annoying. Nether less since I was the oldest she always expected more of me that my brothers. They were messy, athletic and had terrible grades. Completely opposite if me. Though I will admit. I'm a teenager, so yeah, I'm a but messy as well.

"I know mom." I reply, "and I'll make you and dad proud." Thankfully my parents aren't divorced, so I guess I'm thankful for that.

"Anyways sunshine, don't forget to pick up your lunch before you go." She says as she throw my lunch bag at me.

"Thanks mom!" I say as I head out the door. "And wake up the boys for me!" Yeah I know my mom should wake up my brothers but because I do 'nothing' at home, I have to wake them up before I leave for high school since my brothers are still in middle school, they start at 9:00. Lucky Bastards.

I make my way down the street, and start walking to school. It's not very far, probably 15-30 minutes from my house. I take out my phone, and start scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. Nothing interesting but it looks like my best friends needs to cover up her boobs and needs a nose. Well that's what you get from a judging a book by its first cover. Yup, my best friend was a slut. Needing a boyfriend 24/7 and Instagram restrictions. Now if you're wondering why I'm best friends with a slut. I'll tell you all about it. We met in 8th grade, meaning before our actual freshman year, and it's now out junior year. I used to love hanging out with her, discussing boys every other day and exchanging phone numbers so we can discuss our homework like some advanced intellectual "nerds". Then came freshman year. And since then it's been a road trip to, what the actual fuck. Lets just say she went head over heals for the older bad boy, Dylan. And he had a selection if interesting girls. Sluts. And practically everyone else. So she changed and i could leave her behind, a real friend wouldn't. And funny enough they ended together. Which just happened yesterday. So you can see how that goes. But any who, if m not hanging out with her (Dylan) or want to be with her ( boy talk ) I usually hang out with my 4 friends that like the Internet just as much as I do. Lloyd, Mason, Jane, and Kyle. 4 girls and 1 boy. We aren't the typical nerds, were just a bit more well 'hipster'. Because if anyone saw our marks and average, we would be the nerds of the school. Just a big ass sign on our foreheads. N-E-R-D-S. you must wonder how we were able to keep our high scores low for the students, well it's that my moms best friend owns the school. Self explanatory. I quickly realize that I've gotten to school early and well just my luck, Dylan and his friends are here. Dylan is a big flirt, but he's really nice if you're his friend. Which I have been long before my best Friend, Kayla liked him. We kept our friendship a secret, since well he wanted to remain 'bad boy' and I wanted to remain 'normal'. And well by the time Kayla and him started dating we wanted to tell her about our friendship. So we decided to meet up early today. I just didn't expect his friends to be here.

"Dylan," I say, ",Sorry I'm a bit late."

"It's fine, but anyways, how's Kayla?" He asks.

"She's fine, you only did see her yesterday. " I reply. Ooh boys.

"Right, but I was thinking you could tell her, since you know you're her best friend, and I've heard she's a bit over the top, and I don't want to ruin our relationship."

"Too bad, it's too late." Kayla screams and she launches at me her boobs going everywhere. Like I swear, I think they might be fake. But nonetheless I push her back with my leg and arms. I knew how she played during fights, so I knew how to handle her. She falls to the ground carefully, which I've learned from self defence classes. But before I can explain she stands up and slaps me. By this time it's around time when the rest of the students start coming in. Well more like my 4 musketeers friends and other students.

"You bitch! I always knew you were jealous of me and my relationship with Dylan! I never liked you anyways, you ugly fat and mean whore!" She spits.

By this time I know I've had enough if her and decided to throw a punch within her and her fake body. And before I know it she fights back. Too bad she never listens to me. She would have know I know how to defend myself against one. But before I can do anything else, two strong arms pull me away. And this time, for all I know, it's not Dylan.

I was out of control, right?


Okay guys so I know this is really bad but Ive got more chapters coming your way since you know. I was at a party And I'm a social outcast. So you know, put two and two together and you get UPDATES. and by the way this is all through my iPod, since I don't trust my computer (family) anyways who do you guys think is this mystery guy? Pervert or not ;) anyways look out for more and have a super amazing Dan Howell day ;).

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