Chapter 2

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Annabeth's P.O.V

Annabeth was jolted out of bed by a scream piercing the quiet night. Normally she wouldn't be too worried, it was probably a prank gone wrong or a demigod nightmare. But this was different. She knew this scream, she had heard it too many times before. It was Percy. The daughter of Athena leapt out of bed and raced to the Poseidonas fast as she could. A white hot ball of pure fear settled into the pit of her stomach. What if someone had taken him again, what if he was dead or dying? She pushed those thoughts away and tried to focus on just reaching him.

When she reached the cabin she saw that Nico and Jason were already there pounding against the cabin door and screaming Percy's name.

"Move!" she commanded. She pushed her way past them and desperately shook the handle on the door. There was no longer any screaming coming from the cabin and her stomach plummeted even more. It was silent, and that was never a good thing.

Her head whipped back to Jason who was standing there looking as helpless she felt. "Blast the door down" she yelled. Normally she would've been embarrassed by the desperation in her voice but, Percy's life was at stake and currently she couldn't care less.

Jason had a look of apprehension "I don't know how much Poseidon would appreciate that" he muttered.

Before she could explode she heard a voice from behind him.

"Oh for gods sakes, I think Poseidon would rather have his son safe than his cabin intact." Thalia pushed her way past her brother and cousin and fired a strike of lightning at the door.

The door flew off its hinges and splintered in a blast of light. Annabeth raced past it without bothering to shield herself from the debris raining down. She spotted Percy on the floor by his bed and rushed to his side. She checked for a pulse first and sighed with relief when she saw that it was both strong and steady. She then looked him over for injuries.

"He looks fine" came a voice from behind her. She jumped slightly and turned to see the gaunt face of Nico DiAngelo.

"Where-" she began.

"They went to go get Chiron" he responded, already knowing what her question.

She nodded and turned back to Percy. Nico was right, Percy appeared to be fine. His breathing was normal, he didn't have any wounds, and he wasn't bleeding. So what was wrong with him? Percy began to stir at the same moment that Chiron arrived with the rest of the seven and Thalia, and she received her answer. When he opened his eyes they weren't the sea green color that she was accustomed to.

They were golden.

A/N: Ohhhh plot twist..... But you kinda saw it coming, right? Anyway see you soon for the next chapter!

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