Chapter Three: Trust and Pain

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'This is good for you, Eva. You're going to a party today. Today's the last day of junior year. You're going to be out there. Hanging out with friends with benefit you.'


It was a good day for me. After school had ended, I decided to take some of the money I saved and bought an outfit*. I put it on and smile at my reflection in my full length mirror. I couldn't afford any of the good shoes, so I wore my converse. I walk down the steps when it came the time to walk to the house where the party was being held.

"How do I look mom?" I  ask. I wanted to know if she liked the dress.

"It's pretty, sweetie. Are you sure no one's going to hurt you while you're there?" She asks, obviously concerned.

I frown and grab my bag. I didn't have a car, so I usually walked. I see some other teenagers walking down the same route as me. I smile and stay behind. I just need to get there, hang out for a couple of hours and go home. It was the perfect plan. I get to the address and open the door. I immediately move my hands up to cover my ears. "This is so loud!" I yell out to myself. I walk through the crowd and smile. I wonder who's here. 

There are the sluts, the jocks, and other people. Different categories I have to list. I walk to the drink table and see the girl who invited me. "Here. I made this one especially for you." She says. I look at her, a little puzzled, but I smile. "Thanks." I take the drink and sip it. Fruit punch. Yum. I thank her again and begin walking around once more. I keep drinking the fruit punch. Soon after I'm done, I feel a little light headed. What did she give me? I groan and sit down on the couch. I hold my head in my hands. "Good. She's almost out." I hear before everything fades away.


While I was out, I heard the whispers of men. I could even hear...Roman? Oh my God! I'm drugged and it's him and his friends. Oh fuck. This is payback. I know now. I never said sorry. I never apologized. I'm so dead. I feel the cold air against my pale skin. I whimper slightly and try opening my eyes. The light made my head swim. "Oh, good. You're up. This is payback, you little bitch. Learn to say sorry." He growls. I groan softly and shut my eyes. I couldn't do anything. My hands and feet were tied to either bed post and I was naked. I feel my heart rate pick up spee when I hear the sound of belts and zippers.

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