Of course Ray and Chase made up super fast, which was obviously going to happen sooner or later. Chase came over today and helped me do laundry and we wnt shopping. When we got back to my house Chase asked me to challenge her in a sing off with my microphones in the basement.

Chase: Ok let's see *scrolls down playlist* OOOH KILL EM' lets do Mariah Carrey We Belong Together

me: Oh yeah your most deff about to loose! Mariah is da home skillet!

Chase:.............. b!tch stop hahahahahaha

We were singing (I was winning by the way) when someone walked in the door. It was Chres, Jacob, and Ray. Chase ran to ray and jumped in his arms.

Ray: Hey babe! He YN

Chase: Hi-ya

me: Heyy guys. What brings you here?

Jacob: I bought teddy bears for the baby.

Ray: I was super bored and wanted to come play the wii

Chres: I just wanted to see you beautiful.

Everyone looked at Chresanto as if he'd lost his ever loving mind. I grabbed Jacobs hand.

me: Ummmmm... lets go put the stuff in the nursery.

Jacob: Ok *mouths to chres* WTH!

Chres: I couldnt help it.

me: What?

Jacob: Nothing! Ummm keep walking.

I walked into the baby's room and showed Jacob where to put everything.

Jacob: so.... any name's yet

me: I was thinking Toni Brielle............ whatever her last name will be

Jacob: *mumbling* perez

me: What is up with yo boy?

Jacob: Huh

me: Chres......?

Jacob rolled his eyes and then lookd me dead in my eyes.

Jacob: He likes you.

me: nahh I doubt it.

Jacob: Yeah well I dont

He walked out as if he were sad. I scrunched my eyebrows as I followed him. By th time my fat a$$ got down the stairs they were already gone all except for ray. Here I am watching Rau and Chase eat each others faces


Ray: Fine then, *singing in a high voice* We're going home!

me: Ok then skadoodle yo nasty A$$ out my door.

Chase: Dang Preggers whats wrong?

me: I'll call you.

Chase: Alright.

I saw ray trip over the water hose on the front lawn. I couldnt help but laugh.


Ray: NO SH!T!!

me: hahahahaha well it looks like you have to go.

3 hours later *yn on phone with chase*

I told chase what happened and she wasnt at all surprised.

Chase: YN lemme give tell you a little back story about Jacob Emmanuel Perez

Flashback (chase telling story).................

In about the 8th Grade there was this girl name Jazmine. Jazmine was sadly..... the school hoe. She had the worst possible attitude ever! Her and Chres used to date. One day Jacob was sitting by his self and she cam over. Some of the boys saw Jacob and Yazmin talking and it didnt end well. After school a few days later me and Jacob were walking home together since we've always been neighbors.

Jacob: Finally Chase! A girl FINALLY talked to me

me: I guess Im chopped liver

Jacob: No your not a girl, your my sister

me: awwww thanks Jay.

This big group of boys came and jumped him out of no where. I knew Jazmin was the issue bcause I heard them say "never talk to her again" . The next day I school Jazmin and I got in a fist fight which is when I was grounded for a whole week.

Jacob had been bullied since the 7th grade and was very naive. So when Jazmine invited him to a party he said yes. I of course couldnt protect him because I was on punishment. At that party he was set up and got humiliated infront of everyone. He was once again jumped by 7 boys. Jazmine sat on the sidelines laughing with Chres. That was the first time his heart was broken. He loved Jazmine with all his heart and CHRES had her. Eventually Jacob started getting tougher.

Chase: You see YN, Jacob is scared that Chres will take you from him

me: But how do I even know if he likes me

Chase: Hes told me plenty of times. Your all he talks about.

me: Hey chase is he at your house?

Chase: ummmmm yeah him and ray are downstairs right now.

me: Imma call you back.


Dere it is!!


Toni's nursery on side

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