Chapter 3

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Justin's POV:

When we got to my house, Rachael stripped off her clothes leaving herself in a bikini. She's a tease and she doesn't even mean to be.

"I love your pool" Rachael smiled

"I know you do. You tell me every time" I smiled back

Shes so cute.
I went over to Rach and held her bridal style and walked towards the pool.
"NOOO Oh my gosh Justin put me down!!!!!" She yelled holding onto me tighter

"You said you were hot?" I smiled and kissed her forehead before jumping into the pool with her still in my arms.

We both swam up to the surface. I looked into her blue eyes as she looked into mine. She's so beautiful.

Rachael's POV:

Justin makes me feel so special. His brown chocolate eyes looked into mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist.

"Justin I.." Before I could finish my sentence, he leaned into me closing the gap between us. His lips were pressed against mine. Our lips were moving in sync. He rubbed his tounge over the bottom of my lip, begging for entrance. Before I could let him, a voice came from inside his house.

"Justiiiiiin?" The voice yelled from in the house. It was Scooter.

"Out here bro" Justin replied

I was swimming away from Justin to prevent any suspicion when I felt Justin swim up from under me. Before I could do anything, Justin came up to the surface with me on his shoulders.

"Justiiiiin!!" I yelled giggling

"Rachaaaael" he mocked me grabbing my hands so I wouldn't fall

Justin and I were laughing when Scooter came outside to the pool area. He didn't look surprise to see us together.

"Good to see you've calm down now matey" Scooter said to Justin as he sat into a deck chair

"Of course I am. I have this girl with me" Justin replied while looking up at me smiling

"Hey Scooter" I looked over to Scooter and giggled still holding onto Justin's hands.

"Heya Rach" he smiled getting up from the deck chair.

"I was just coming to see if you were alright Justin. Glad Rachael's here to keep you company" Scooter said before leaving.

Justin's POV:

"I thought he'd never leave" I said before pushing Rachael off my shoulders and into the water.

"Why would you want him to leave?" Rachael said swimming up to the surface.

I brought her hands around my neck and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"So I can do this again" I pressed my lips against Rachael's . I rubbed my tounge against her bottom lip begging for entrance again.

"Justin I... I can't" she said pulling her lips away

"Why not? What's wrong" I asked biting my lip.

"What if someone saw us? The paparazzi would go crazy knowing that Justin Bieber and his best friend were making out in your pool" she said pulling her arms away from my neck.

I didnt really know what to say, but I didn't want to cause an argument.

"Oh.. Yeah... I uh... Guess your right" I said smiling at her

She smiled back before getting out of the pool and grabbing her towel. I followed not long after her.

~ 2 hours later~

After our swim, we went and played a game on my x box. She was actually really good... But I bet her.

"I am the chaaaampion" I sang the last bit.

She giggled.

"Yes you are Mr Bieber" she said getting up from the couch.

"I text my mom. She's coming to pick me up" she smiled

"Aww do you have to go? I love having you around" I pouted

"I will come around again tomorrow if you want" she giggled and winked

Then we heard the sound of her moms car horn.

"Well, thanks for a fun day Justin" she smiled

"The pleasure is all mine gorgeous"

As we walked towards my front door . I grabbed her hand and tangled our fingers together. She looked down at our hands and smiled and blushed.

As I opened the door, she pulled our hands away and kissed me on the cheek.

" see you tomorrow" she giggled and left, shutting the door behind her

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