”AYE LETS GO!!!” your sister screamed from downstairs. She wanted to go to the club bt didn’t have anyone to take her there since she got her license taken away. “Im coming calm down” you trotted down the stairs and to your car.

After you dropped her off you didn’t really feel like going home. You parked the car and walked around the corner to see if their were any interesting stores. As you were walking you felt a sharp pain stab through your head. “WHAT THE HELL?!” you screamed grabbing your head and trying to pry yourself off the ground. “oh shit my bad” you heard a dark male voice ring from above you. You looked up and got lost in the most gorgeous brown orbs you have ever seen. “Here let me help you” he said reaching down to your level. “thanks” you softly murmured wiping the dirt off your jeans. “are you okay again im really sorry” he exclaimed. “im fine” you said even though your head was pounding like a drum. “Im Justin” the handsome boy said sticking out his hand waiting for it to be paired with yours. You shook it softly and said “hi im Y/N” he smiled “That’s a beautiful name” you blushed deeply and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

    “ok well thanks for helping me up I better go” you said pointing over your shoulder to your car. “Let me take you home” Justin said taking a step closer. “oh no that’s okay” you said hoping he would argue and win. “Nah” YES “it’s the least I can do” he begged. You smiled and nodded “ok I guess” he smiled and led you both back to your car. Ladies first” Justin said holding open the door trying to act proper. You chuckled and sat down in the passenger side. Justin jogged to the drivers seat and started the engine. "so where are you from?" he asked looking out onto the busy road ahead of you. "Uh new jersey" you murmured. "thats nice" you two rode back into New Jersey from New york jamming to all of his old songs.

   Suddenly OLLG and Justin stopped the car. "Justin what are yo-" "Shh Just follow me" Justin turned up the radio and pulled you out of the car into a abandoned parking lot. Slowly he got closer and closer holding your hand as he sang softly. he closed the gpa between you two as you snaked your hands around his neck. He rested his head in the crook of your neck hitting every note perfectly in your ear. Shivers invaded your skin as you allowed his angelic voice to wonder through your brain.

    Justin pulled away from the hug looking into your eyes. You saw his head moving closer to yours slowly. You froze not knowing what to do. You leaned in also and soon your lips met. babyy fireworks went off as your lips moved in sync. "wow" was all you could say as you both pulled away. Justin chuckled and pecked your forehead. "i would really love to see you again sometime Y/N" you blushed deeply nodding your head. "yeah, i would love that" you looked up at his gorgeous smile. He pecked your lips before opening the door letting you get back in the car.

    After Justin dropped you off you called your sister to tell her to get a taxi home. She was pissed off but you were too love struck to care. You closed your door and slid down it slowly, thinking about whats going to happen next time you see him.

HEYYY :) So i really want to write some personal imagines so if you want one leave me a comment with your name and what kind and what you want to happen and i will definately make some! :) 

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