Unsuspecting (Buckin Short Story)

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Short story I've been hoping to write! I'll get onto I Ran Away., but I'm brainstorming ideas for it!


The night before it all happened, Jonny was all wrapped up in Chris' arms. He was warm and cosy, and snuggled under the duvet. Nights like those were the ones Jonny liked best. He loved to cuddle with Chris. There was nothing he liked more than being held in the other man's arms.


Jonny hadn't always been into guys, before he met Chris. Prior to that, he thought that he was interested in absolutely no one. He never thought about girls, not once. But since that day they met, when they were both in year eight, he had been in love with the blue eyed boy. And secretly, the blue eyed boy had liked the green eyed boy, too.

As they grew up, their feelings followed them. When they had gotten to choosing their colleges, Chris and Jonny had chosen two different things. Chris hoped to be a great physicist, like Albert Einstein, and was planning on going to university somewhere far from England. Jonny dreamed of being a world famous guitarist, like Joe Satriani. He didn't really have a school in mind, so he chose University College London at random. Since Chris had such strong (still secret) feelings for Jonny, he couldn't bear to part. So he gave up his far away college and big dreams and stayed to go to UCL with Jonny. And it turns out, he had a knack for singing.

With no surprise, they clicked in a musical way, just like their remarkable friendship had years before. They wanted to start a band, and so they picked up two new members called Will and Guy. This handsome man called Guy was a talented bass player, and this strict seeming man called Will joined and picked up the drums on the way.

After a few months of writing and writing, they started playing gigs. On their first one, they hadn't got a name. So at random, "Starfish" was chosen. It was a horrible name for a band. But much later, they got a better name from a friend, and this was the true beginning of "Coldplay".

Coldplay were signed to record companies, big ones, like Parlophone. And oh how they made it big. It was hectic time for the four, yet Chris and Jonny still harboured feelings for each other in the midst of the production of new albums and touring the globe. Each desperately felt the need to tell, but fear and busy schedules put that idea to a stop.

Then, the biggest moment of their lives came after a concert during the Viva la Vida tour. Chris bravely declared his long witheld feelings for Jonny. They had a long kiss; after all, they had waited for that moment for 19 years. So they moved into Chris' place and lived very happily together. The other members of Coldplay and the crew were accepting of those two.

That was near the end of 2009, and the Viva la Vida tour ended in 2010, when production of a new album called Mylo Xyloto began. Jonny and Chris went into the studio everyday, determined to give the best for their fans.

But on one of those days, something different happened. It was far apart from the meticulous schedule that the band had. And it was especially far from what Chris and Jonny planned.


Jonny woke up the next morning, still in Chris' arms. His head was comfortably positioned on the other man's chest. He pecked his husband on the cheek, careful not to wake him. He got up from the bed, wanting to sleep with Chris, but knowing he had to go to the studio to work. He promised the singer he could stay home, and would go into the studio for him.

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