Chapter Two: Mall with my Best Friends

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"Owww!" I yelled as a got pushed from behind.

"Baby!" A girls voice said.

"Pain in the ass!" I said even though I did not know who it was.

I turned around and--

"KATE!!!" I screamed.

"JULIE!!!" Kate screamed.

Kate is a year older then me and left for university September and I have not seen her for three months. We hugged for about five minutes.

"Holy crap I can't believe i am actually seeing you it as felt like forever!" I said

"I know I have missed you so much!" She said.

"I know i missed you too!" I told her.

"Where’s Mandy?" Kate asked.

Mandy is also a senior with me and Kate has not seen her since she left for her university.

"She is on her wa---." I began

"KATHERINE IS THAT YOU!!" Mandy yelled.

You could have heard her a mile away.

"MANDY!!" Kate yelled.

They ran and hugged and then brought me into it.

"Thunder three back together!" Mandy said.

"Yesss. And you are still on thunder three? I love your stupidity." Said Kate.

I laughed and then they joined in.

"Of course!" Mandy said.

"Okay lets get something to eat and catch up." I said

We walked over to the food court in the mall and decided on Chinese. We all ordered and then found a table to sit down at.

"So we obviously have to start on One Direction, everyone still likes them right?" I asked.

"Of course!" They said at the same time.

"Okay good! I would like you guys less if you did not!" I said and laughed.

We were talked a lot and we got caught up with each other. Everyone is doing great with schoolwork and jobs.

"Who’s ready to shop?!" Mandy said.

"ME!!" Kate and I both yelled.

We walked along from store to store not missing anything good.

*A few hours later* 

"Wow that was fun!" I said.

"Yes very!" Kate said.

"How about we put all our bags in our car and then come back in and have ice cream?" I asked.

"That sounds good!" Mandy said.

We all went out to our cars and put our bags away. Then we came back inside and met each other by the ice cream place.

"I will have mint ice cream in a cup with hot fudge." I told the lady.

"I will have soft vanilla in a cone with rainbow sprinkles." Mandy told the worker.

"I will have cookie dough with whipped cream in a cup." Kate said.

We all took our ice cream and sat down.

"Holy balls this is great ice cream!" Mandy said.

"This is really yummy!" I said.

"This is my shit!" Kate told us.

We all laughed. 

"This has been so fun!" Mandy said.

"It was a great day!" Kate added on.

We all finished our ice cream and we were about to start going.

"Omfg wait!!!!" I said.

"What?" They questioned.

" 'Santa' is here!" I told them

"Oh yeah!!!" Kate said.

"That means we have to get our--." Mandy started.


"Well lets go!" Kate said.

We took the escalator down stairs. We walked up and waited in line. When it was our turn we went up even though we looks stupid as hell because we were the oldest ones.

I lightly sat on 'Santa’s' lap and Kate and Mandy sat on the arms of the big chair. 

"You girls are a little old for a picture with 'Santa' aren’t you!" said the malls 'Santa'.

"It has been a tradition of ours for about 12 years!" I said.

"Oh wow!" 'Santa' replied.

We took our picture and as we all got up he whispered something in my ear.

"I get off in five minutes wait for me right in front of Macy's. That is where they send me to change and give the suit  to the next guys." He said.

"So you are not the real Santa?" I whispered and smiled.

He laughed and waved goodbye. 

"See you in a view." I told him.

He winked and I walked away.

"What the hell was that?" Kate questioned.

"I don’t even know." I replied.

"What did he said?" Mandy asked

"He told me he got off in five minutes and to meet him outside of Macy's." I answered.

Ten minutes has passed and we are waiting outside of Macy's. I see him finally walking up.

"Sorry I got held up. I can't be seen in public after I change so I am going to come back down and you and your friends can come with me outside so I can explain myself." He told me.

"Umm, okay." I replied.

He winked again and left. I again explained to Kate and Mandy what he said.

"'I wonder what he wants." Mandy said.

"I don't know but he seemed familiar." I answered.

"Really? Why?" Kate said.

"Something about his voice and beautiful green Styles." I once again answered.

Authors note: Hi guys! Sorry if this chapter wasn’t that best. But next chapter will be better! I promise to bring in Harry for himself next chapter! Thanks for reading! Love you all!

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