The Big Date

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It's Saturday, the day of my date with the most popular guy in school. Why am I getting so nervous?  We have the same status. If we were to go steady, we would be the ideal "It" couple. "just stop over thinking" I whisper to myself.

I'm staring at myself in my bathroom mirror,  trying to decide how to style my hair and make-up.

I decide to straighten my hair. My long, golden brown locks fall right above my butt. My side bangs are put into a small braid and pulled back by a bobby pin. I sit down to start my "natural" make-up look, when i realize I haven't picked out my outfit. I race to my walk in closet, flipping the light switch as I enter.


I decide on a strapless coral dress. It's tight until half way down my abdomen, when it flares out. I wear silver, open toed, strappy heels because the dress comes to about mid thigh.

I go back to my make-up when I notice that it's already 6:30. He's coming at 7:00! I contour my cheekbones and I do a thin line of eyelines, taking me all of 20 minutes.

I'm searching for my silver diamond necklace and earring set when I hear the doorbell ring. My heart begins to beat extremely fast, like it was going to come out of my chest. Why was this happening to me? I am Britanny Martow. The Britanny Martow. I don't get nervous. What the hell is different this time?

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