Chapter 11 - Karuizawa

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Summer finally arrived, and that meant stressful equestrian competitions were eminent. Brad was my groom while I competed. He and I would take care of the four or five horses we brought to either sell or compete with. He didn't ride competitively, only around the estate for fun or to exercise the horses when I didn't have the time to.

The horses were ready and well cared for; all that was missing now was Brad. He's always very good at leaving everything to the last minute.

"I'M RIGHT HERE YOU LITTLE CREATON." He rushed down the stairs with his luggage in one hand, and all the papers and files we needed for competition tucked away in a briefcase. "I mean we're leaving four days early, you need to relax Emi."

Isn't that wonderful.

I had died my hair back to its natural color yesterday. It wasn't easy to adjust to, and I cried the first time I looked at myself in the mirror. Kohaku made a serious effort to not call me Emi, but Kenji and Brad occasionally forgot. Especially Brad, they had dated after all. He cried when he saw me come home from the hair dressers, and refused to make eye contact with me. He wasn't going to get used to it any time soon. Neither was I. It was a big step, a huge step. For all of us. 

"Sorry, I--" stuttered Brad as he noticed my face go pale. I grabbed the briefcase, and started to make my way out the door. 

"Let's go." I said dramatically not addressing Brad's mistake. Kenji ran up behind me and picked me up from the stomach. He spun me around only causing me to laugh. "YOU JERK LET GO!" I was laughing so hard it made it difficult for him to understand, but he got the point none the less and put be down gently. 

Brad went to put the remaining luggage away and I turned to Kenji. "I'll miss you doofus." I kissed my little brother's cheek. "Don't catch a disease while I'm away, and don't slack off. You have a lot of things to do here. I left instructions in case you don't understand something, and make sure to call me if something---"

He interrupted cheekily. "I'm not going to forget anything and nothing is going to go wrong. I promise." He placed a hand delicately on my shoulders. "Don't worry; I have this all under control Takara." He hugged me tightly. "Just remember to call or at least text every now and then alright? I'll be watching your results online. Go kick some ass for me." I nodded, and hugged him once more.

I waved goodbye to Kohaku and Brad said his goodbyes. My mother wasn't there, she was at work, but I didn't care enough to go through the effort of saying goodbye to her. 

We were off. We stopped at Haruhi's house to pick her up. I rang the doorbell and waited.

"Hey, just give me a --- Oh my god." exclaimed Haruhi as she opened the door. I rolled my eyes and hugged her. 

"Yes I know. Blast from the past right?" She was confused; I had never bothered warning her about it. It was nice to watch people faces sometimes, but deep down I wanted to scream at them.

She hopped in the car and we started to make our way to Karuizawa.  We all started chatting harmlessly. Haruhi said she would help out with settling in the horses in today, not like she had much of a choice, she had no other way of getting to the Pension.

"Did you tell the guys that you weren't going to be around all summer?" I asked as we turned into the competition grounds.

"No. I figured they have much better things to do then worry about me." HA, she's joking right? "Did you tell them?" she asked.

"Naah, doubt they'd care." There was a bit of an awkward silence. 

"Not even the twins?" she asked confused. I didn't tell them since I figured it wouldn't matter. We were closer than ever, but it just never crossed my mind for some reason. 

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