"Hey" Cori said approaching Daniel. He was already at the school waiting for her to arrive. 

"Hey, you look pretty" he smiled. She had on a pair of floral booty shorts and a tight tanktop because it was hot out. "Pretty, smart, and got curves.. dang" he thought.

"Thanks" she smiled. "Where we goin'?" she asked. 

"Umm I was thinking somewhere quiet so we can get to know eachother better" he suggested. 

"Ok, sounds good, umm but where?" she asked again. 

"My house?" he asked. 

"Sureee" she said smiling and looking at him. He had big brown eyes. "Woah." she thought looking away.

"iight, let's go" he said. They both got into his car and headed to his place. When they got there they chilled on the couch and watched tv.

"So, tell me about yourself" Daniel said looking at her. 

"Mmm.. my name is Cori Prince, I'm a Junior, My birthday is July 11th, I'm single, and I'm really shy around some people" she said. "Your turn" she added. 

"Ok, my names Daniel Jordan, I'm a Junior, My birthdays June 4th, I'm also single, um... that's it I guess" he laughed. 

"Cool" she laughed. Then their was an awkward silence, and some starring. 

"You know you're extremely beautiful..you got a nice body.. I don't know why you single. You can pull any nigga you want" he laughed. 

"Thank you, and.. I'm single because .. well. I'm lookin' for that special one. And plus, I have slight trust issues" she said looking down. 

"Dang. Well you're special one is out there somewhere" he smiled lightly. She smiled too. They lowkey liked eachother but didn't want to tell eachother. 

*5 Months Later*

"Hey bestfriend" Cori said approaching Daniel and his friends. 

"Hey girl" he said hugging her. They had been bestfriends for 5 months now and he had broke her from her shyness and everything. 

"Look, I need my Biology notebook from the locker, I kinda forgot the combination" she laughed. 

"Cough cough, thot" Mari mumbled. 

"Exuse me?"  Cori asked doing a phony smile. Mari didn't say anything, just looked around casually. Daniel shot Mari a dirty look and mouthed something. He unlocked the locker and handed Cori her notebook. 

"Alright, well I gotta go, text you later" she said hugging Daniel. 

"iight, see you later" he said hugging her back. As she walked off they all said something. 

"ZAYUMMMM" Javontae, Mari, & Devyn mouthed. "You need to holla at that mannnn" Devyn said slapping Daniel's back. 

"Y'all disrespectful" he said walking off. Later that day Cori went to Daniel's house to chill because it was summer break. 

"Finally outta school. What you doin' this summer?" Daniel asked. 

"Mmm, I don't know." she answered. 

"It's hot asll bruh" he said. When he said that he snatched off his tank top revealing his abs. Cori sat on the bed starring at him with her mouth wide open. 

"You ok girl? you gon' catch flies"  he laughed slouching on the bed next to her. 

"Sorry its just... nothin" she smiled. 

"Um listen Cori, I heard that you were bad news... Can you tell me why?" he asked. Cori swirled her long curly hair around her finger then spoke. 

"I can't tell you" she said. 

"Why not we're bestfriends right?" he asked.

"Yeah but, fine.. I'll tell you" she said letting out a soft sigh.

"The reason why the whole school is callin' me the school slut is because 2 years ago I was almost raped by a group of boys... And.. everyone was spreading rumors saying that I lost my virginity and stuff" she blurted out.

"Dang.. that's crazy." Daniel sighed. He liked her so much and he wanted to tell her but, they were just friends; that's it. 

"Look Cori, I gotta tell you something" he said low. 

"Mhm go ahead" she said looking at him. 

"You're beautiful, smart, funny, and talented and.. Yo' body is bangin' babygirl.. And I think we could be more than friends" he said scooting closer to her. Cori starred at him with her green eyes, with nothing to say. 

"Um I like you alot too, I think we could be more than friends but.. What about everyone? what would they say about us" she said looking down. 

"Look, don't worry about what everybody got to say.. This is us, this is our decision. Nobody else matters" he said grabbing her hand. He grabbed her chin slowly and kissed her lips softly. 


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